Five Good Bookmarks

Glad to hear that’s what you were looking for :slight_smile:

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If you want to follow the Headline format ala @carverofchoice above…

Begin the line with ##(space)


## Portable Power

Portable Power


Here are two more Bookmarks. They are not thread bookmarks, but are Wyze related. Thought this would still be a good place to share.

DownDetector Wyze page

Wyze Service Status Known Issues page

Peepeep, thanks for starting this thread. I have added it to my forum bookmarks.


Oh yes, I use both of those as well. I even have the Downdetector app on my phone so I can check it easily with Wyze saved as a favorite, along with AWS and some other AWS companies so I can see if there is a pattern of AWS connectivity issues that might be indicative of a Wyze outage. :slight_smile: Great suggestion.


Here’s an add-on, Steve! :grin:

Service Advisory Email Notification

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I’ll play…

The bookmark I visit the most to get the video link…

Because Wize or wuze…

Then some important to me forum milestones that I reached.


Tony! I’m intrigued, but clueless, what am I looking at when I click the media at the streamable link? :confused: :older_man: :grin:

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Wow. I made the Carver list twice. I am so honored.

I have over 80 as well and most of them are by @carverofchoice.

Here are my top 6 (in no particular order):

This one is the post that kicked off my obsession with using Wyze Plugs as relay switches between Wyze Rules and Alexa Routines. I have 15 Wyze plugs. Only 3 have something plugged into them. This post illuminated the light bulb and inspired my Rube Goldberg automation obsession. Thanks @mikeschultz85!

This one is a great explanation on how the little green box works. An explanation that has to be repeated regularly. Thanks @Newshound!

I bookmarked this topic on Samsung SD Cards just because it is Doctoral Thesis level smart stuff (that I would love to be able to understand) on really technical whatnots as it pertains to testing the performance of an SD card. Thanks @jjwatmyself!

I bookmarked this post (among several others) from our Forum Thermostat Whisperer @speadie and refer back to it often when reading thermostat posts. It lists what all the terminals do. Thanks @speadie!

I bookmarked this post because it taught me how to setup a loud external siren long before Wyze added the HMS to the rules triggers (current App Beta BTW). Of the 8 linkbacks, I think 7 are mine. Great out of the box thinking here. Thanks @dasnider!

And last, but certainly not least, is a two-fer of mind blowing tutorials on SD Cards and differences in formatting and also the differences in how SD Card space and Wyze SD usage is calculated. Thanks @carverofchoice!


It’s was, and still is a good video for troubleshooting and showing the detection system of the WCO v1. Dongsheng originally posted it here, but I just reposted it with a working link.


Ahh, thanks! :slight_smile:


Aside from the practical value (a LOT) this is really helping me get to know you all better. :+1:


A taste (and capacity) for complexity

I didn’t read the thread linked above before I posted. Just read it now, lol.

My memory was of the drawings and the artist’s name by which I might find them.

This was the thread by which I was judged a pontificator. There is, of course, some truth to that.

Nobody’s perfect, eh?

Carry on… :slight_smile:

The perils of being onself. :slight_smile:

Very kind words. Thank you! Great to know the structured brain dump I created, from all that time ago, has earned such a place in your bookmarks. I’m very interested to read the others too.


Nice! It’s my aim to be constructively confused. Plenty of opportunity for me on these boards. :slight_smile:

Join in, folks, this is fun!

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To the hokey-pokey, Wyze edition…

…and those who dance it well (and share the steps!)

You put your left foot in
You take your left foot out
You put your left foot in
And you shake it all about
You do the hokey pokey
And you turn yourself around
That’s what it’s all about!

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A miracle occurs


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Succinct. :slight_smile:

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Remove v2 v3 Mic

v2 courtesy @sodcam :+1:

v3 linked on the boards by @StevenA :slight_smile:

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Here is another video I have bookmarked. If you use a V3 as a baby monitor, you may want to disable the speaker.

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These weren’t bookmarked but I searched on author Frederik and keywords patience and make baby to find them - both from 2019. Again…

Direct, earnest, honest - and QUITE useful to know!

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