Motion Tagging Inconsistent (sometimes none, or too quick, or lots of them)

I love the Motion Tagging Green box, especially when it shows on the Event Thumbnail because it’s easy to determine what caused the event recording.
HOWEVER (there’s always a however, huh?) I’m attaching 3 videos from the same camera triggering on the same shadows on a windy day…

  1. Many Tagging Boxes; This video must have 20 different boxes flickering in and out thru the duration.
  2. Quick Tagging Box; this video has 1 extremely brief (almost not there) box that started the event.
  3. No Tagging Box; this video does not seem to have a box that I can detect anywhere. I’ve noticed about 1 out of 10 videos (from various different cameras) will be missing the Motion Tagging box completely.
    Because we use these boxes to tweak what we detect or what we block, along with distances or size of pixels changing, it’s very important to have consistent feedback we can count on from the Motion Tagging.
    Let me know if I can supply additional information, testing, logs, etc.
    DaBass (Rick)

Unfortunately, I think the green tagging box is pretty detached from having anything to do with what started the event, or even whether the motion identified was within your detection window. We had a lot of discussions about this in the early days.

Motion Tagging sensitivity is fixed (let’s say 50%?), and not related to the user-determined Motion Detection sensitivity. It is always set to that level, and applies to the whole screen regardless of detection zone. Also, when there are multiple moving objects, the largest moving object will be tagged.

So on a given video, you may or may not see the green motion tag, and any tag shown may or may not be in a detection zone area. It may or may not have anything to do with what triggered the recording. It is simply an indication of something that exceeded the pre-set and unchangeable motion sensitivity. This causes a lot of confusion for users, who try to connect the tags with event captures. They aren’t directly related.

But I agree, there should be a connection. They should trigger at whatever sensitivity threshold you have set, and only if motion falls within your selected detection zone. This makes much more sense, and allows you to infer things from the tagging. :slight_smile:

This was the only Wishlist item I noted at a glace that seems to try to address this issue:


Hi Newshound, interesting. A short while back I had created another ticket Recording starts on movement that should be blocked by Detection Zone and worked mostly with @carverofchoice and with tweaking of the detection zone (enlarging) and sensitivity (lowering) I had great success with stifling recordings that were started inside a blocked off area. I encourage you to take a look at my testing and results from that ticket.

I guess what I’m saying, is that I do understand what you’re saying above, but some of that doesn’t quite match up with my testing and results. So I’m not quite sure what to make of that.

I also had looked at the Green Box / Red Box WishList ticket but didn’t feel like it completely paralleled my issue of some recordings with many boxes and other recordings with none. I do understand that some of what you stated would definitely be the cause of not seeing any boxes at all in some of the recordings.

It is interesting that the Green Box usually does fall in the timing so that about 75% of the time I can see the green box on the event thumbnail. I’m guessing that if the green box is on the thumbnail, it may be indicative as to what caused of the event to begin.

As always, it’s fun and interesting to tweak the settings on these little cameras and learn more and more about them. I hope that sometime down the line they’ll figure out why some of the V3’s have bricked. I have 1 of my 4 V3’s that is a brick and doesn’t seem to be any resolution on the horizon. It is actually keeping me from buying more of them until that problem is addressed.