Multiple clips show no movement at all

I have my Wyze Cam 2 set to record events for two hours each morning. (I’m trying to see when the newspaper is delivered.)
Recently, it seems that the camera is recording several times during that window, but the video playback doesn’t show any movement. I don’t even see a leaf moving or branch swaying. I don’t hear any sound, either.
Is this happening to other people?
There is one clip that shows someone walking by on the sidewalk, so it’s working some of the time.
The motion detection sensitivity is set to 50. For event recording, it’s set to detect motion but not sound.
I don’t want to turn the motion sensitivity down because in the past, it seemed like I was missing a lot of events.

I have had an occasion where my camera picks up nothing but that’s maybe once every three days. I have my settings up more so some lighting reflections have tripped it which is why.

I’d say play with you settings if anything use detection zone and don’t use the detection on the boarder in case it’s something on the edge getting it to trip.

False positives can happen, you should submit them to improve the AI .

Is motion tagging enabled? I am guessing your talking about cloud clips right? I’d say enable motion tagging for troubleshooting, and see what pixel change the camera is determining to be motion and saving the clip. Wait for some clips to come in to see what’s going on.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.
Yes, I’m talking about cloud clips.

“can happen”? Every day? I get them all the time with the sensitivity set as low as it will go.

Well if you are sure nothing is actually moving, no shadows or trees in the wind, submit it to the AI. The AI needs to know how it got it wrong to improve.

Well, I enabled motion tagging, and I see the green box flash and then disappear as the video clips start to play, but I can’t see any motion in the box that is triggering it. In fact, the box is highlighting an area of the street with nothing in it.
I can see branches waving slightly a couple seconds later, but not where the green box was.

Are you able to post the video here? The green box means the camera activated to what it thought was pixel change. Do you have a SD card in the camera? If so, can you review that time period to see what occurred before the cloud clip began? Thanks for the update!

I don’t see a way to add clips here. I don’t have anywhere else to post them.
I’m wondering if it’s reacting to a slow drip as the snow melts off my roof.
OK, I see the upload button - here’s one of a dozen clips over the course of an hour. Dry day, but possible snow melt.

To upload to the forms, just tap the upload icon.

Any pixel change. The “motion detection” system is based on pixel change. Whereas, any actual motion, light or color change, is all roped into “motion”. So if a camera can see a drip that is enough to change enough pixels and fall above the sensitivity threshold, it’ll save a clip.

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What is the camera viewing through? Is it a screen? It’s possible that closing a door inside is causing a pixel change enough to trigger motion. Submit it to Wyze as a false motion trigger, it’ll improve the AI detection.

That’s simple the screen moves ever so slightly causing it to trigger. This is why cameras don’t belong in a window or door inside. As glares and movement on screen causes your issues here. If you want to test if it’s the camera set it in a room with no movement etc and see if it triggers.

I saw those waving branches and that may have set it off. Because the movement was so short and slight the tagging box probably didn’t have time to tag it correctly.