Faulty notifications

I keep getting motion notifications from my camera and there is No motion.
Any ideas on what is wrong?
Have contacted Wyze and they will not respond.

It may take support a bit of time to respond.

Do you have a clip you can upload? If so we can probably get a mod to up your privileges.

If it is a Smart Video Alert, you may need to look for anything in sight of the infrared sensor that triggered the alert. If it is a standard motion alert, then just about anything moving in the clip may be the trigger.

Best thing to do there is turn down your sensitivity, under Camera > Settings > Detection Settings (or change the Detection Zone).

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Continuing what @Newshound helped ya with, for trouble shooting sake I’d recommend enabling motion tagging, to see what the camera is triggering on (if it’s the camera detecting “motion”). It may not be actual motion, but are their pixels changing? Changes in light or shadows?

@moderators, this user may need to be upped in trust levels so they can post their visual aids. Thx!

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Thanks. I lowered the sensitivity-will see what happens.
I can never find where to upload a video so I attached the one I just got.
I have motion tagging turned on.
Thanks again.

1590921930214.mp4 (1010 KB)

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Thanks. I do have motion tagging turned on.
I can’t figure out how to upload a video so I have attached one I just got.

1590921930214.mp4 (1010 KB)

How did you contact Wyze? did you create a support ticket? and when did you create a ticket? Looking at the video, it very much appears to be a false activation. In the meantime before they get back to ya, you can also like News said create a detection zone that covers only the door in the center. That’ll cut down on triggers until this is figured out.

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I’ll try the detection zone. Re the ticket, the app will not allow me to submit one. Always says to try later.

Try via the website… Here is the support ticket link.

When was the last time you’ve restarted the camera? Might want to try that too.

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The link worked - thank you!
Afraid to try a restart as the camera is 1000 miles from where I am.

Yes, try reducing the sensitivity and setting a detection zone. For that particular location you can set the sensitivity all the way down and still trigger reliably, even under night vision.

Thanks. I set up the zone and have put sensitivity at 30. Will see how it goes.

Update. Setting the detection zone and lowering sensitivity seemed to have worked. I did receive a response from Wyze that had absolutely nothing to do with my problem. Hopefully they will fix it so I can use the camera as I want to.