Notification false

Anyone getting false cam alarms? Such as notification but when you look at it there is nothing that’s can trigger notification in the video

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What camera are you having issues.witg? I ask because the different cams out there have different detection systems. Do you have motion tagging enabled? That way you’ll see what the camera is triggering on and that will help troubleshoot. Most of the Wyze cameras detection systems are pixel based, where they trigger on light or color changes. Can you post a video where there is "nothing " triggering it?

I have Pan Wyze can and yes I have motion Tigger on, and yes I am familiar with the cam detection when triggered with lights. But recently get too many notification specially at night with no car or light change that’s trigger the notification.

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“Motion tagging”, the green boxes around what the camera triggers on. On your videos, what does the green boxes highlight? Are you able to narrow your detection zone and reduce your sensitivity settings to eliminate some of those false triggers? Another thing to try if able is to relocate the camera to a place that is less effected by whatever is triggering the camera.