Detecting noification of nothing

Cams alerts for no reason. It also tags randomly and there is nothing to tag

What are your detection settings? and since you posted this with a cam-og tag, can I assume it’s on an OG camera? What firmware version?

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Have any videos, or photos that you can share to help us understand what’s happening here? Make sure “motion tagging” is enabled so that detected pixel change is indicated to for troubleshooting. Thanks!

I am having the same issue with my cam OG tele. It is constantly triggering detections with no obvious tags. Sometimes I can see that clouds cause lighting changes but they are subtle. I have lowered the detection threshold to the point where it does not detect a person passing through the frame but still is triggering on nothing, sometimes twice per minute.

Need more information here. A few Questions:

Are you hoping for only AI notifications? Or can you provide more info, on this. Ref " It is constantly triggering detections with no obvious tags"
Cam plus on the camera? What are your event recording, and notification settings?
What actual firmware is on the camera? I see your BETA mini avatar, what actual app version are you using?
I would enable motion tagging to see what motion is triggering the event.

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As Tony said, knowing what adversion and what firmware version you are using would be great help and knowing if you’re a subscriber to CAM+ would also be of great help in helping you get your notifications down to exactly what you need. Let us know what’s up and we would be glad to help to the best of our ability (which is rather extensive :wink: )

Thanks, “Tags” was a poor choice of words on my part. I should have said “cause for triggering”. Here are the details asked for:
App V 2.41, Auto updated today.
Cam+ enabled for this Cam OG Tele and 3 others
FW V 1.0.59
Detection setting: Zone on with only lower 2/3 of view selected to avoid tree motion, Sensitivity 80 (have tried between 30-100), Motion Tagging on, not recording on Sound.

It appears that a majority of the triggers are due to lighting changes. Even today when it is cloudy it is doing it. It could be the Cam adjusting brightness, I don’t know. It is so subtle that I don’t think it should be trigging motion though.

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It sounds like you have a pretty darn good grasp on the settings and the trigger methods. With cam Plus you could adjust your camera to record all motion but only alert you on the smart detections so if a person pet or vehicle or whatever floats your boat were in frame, you get a ding. That’s actually how I have mine set up because if I have another tree fall in my backyard I want to record it but not necessarily get the notification every time a tree waves or lightning strikes. Maybe that would work out better for you and being a cam plus subscriber you have the ability and it sounds like you have the understanding to do that as well :slight_smile:

I was going to recommend you turn on motion tagging to see where it is but like you said it’s so subtle even though you see the box it might be hard to figure out what it is which as you indicated sounds like a lighting change. I would definitely tweak the notifications but keep the recording on. Definitely one of the upsides to being a subscriber

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