False motion positives from inside the house

I’d be interested in knowing if other Wyze cam users are experiencing multiple false motion notifications from inside the house. I have DOZENS of false positives EVERY day from INSIDE my house. No animals, no drafts, no discernible movement of any type but one or more of my 5 indoor cams will log a motion. All cameras are on the lowest motion sensitivity, all cameras have the latest software installed, I’ve analysed the video and can’t detect any motion. Maybe a pixel may have changed which is unobservable with the human eye but given the setting is on the lowest sensitivity I’m at a loss to understand why so many false positives.

Dozens every day. I’ve had to turn off notifications when I’m away from the house because I’m bombarded by false positives. Especially away from the house at night when I’m trying to sleep. It totally destroys the raison d’etre in having the cameras in the first place!

Am I the only one with these issues from inside the house and, if not, does anyone have a workaround or solution.

Thanks in anticipation

HI @ulyssesroder and yes, I have a garage cam.

Sound: Kept turning down the sens but it triggered when the wood expanded, a solvant can expanded or loud car. Kept turning down the sens and ended up turning off sound notifications.

Motion: It worked better but imperceptible changes in light through a window refelected off the inside of the garage door would send a notification. By playing with the sens (32%) and camera angle got it to settle down. Still get 1~3 false trigger/day but nothing like what you are experiencing.

Put one of the camera in a box or closet as a control. Maybe there is noise getting into the electronics or a noisy semiconductor. If its RF interference would be hard to test as camera needs WiFi connection.

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Isn’t the green rectangle present somewhere at the beginning of each clip? Any simple shadow movements? Is the camera mounted on something stable? You’re sure they’re motion and not sound alerts?

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