"Nothing" seems to be the new go to for camera detection

Anyone else have a v3 camera detect motion every minute through a dark still night even though nothing is happening. Literally. Every minute for hours it detects motion, Filling my SD card with video of my front yard with nothing happening. For hours.
And then it doesn’t capture someone walking by during the day sometimes. I literally walked up to my front door in broad daylight and it didn’t catch it.
Seems like WAY TOO MANY issues in the past 2 months or so. Worked fine before that.
Don’t fix something that is not broke.
I care less about tagging it pet vs. vehicle (although it would be nice if it got it right as advertised), but missing major motion and capturing no motion seems downright missing the mark.

I don’t have any issues unless there is bugs or a web. I would go and clean around the camera as well as the face. It could be that there is a web which blows in front of the camera, this was happening to me last night.

That’s not the issue with this camera. The other one I have has this issue so I know what you are referring to.

Able to post a video example? Is motion tagging enabled? The ai tagging is only for cloud based recordings, not sd card recordings. So your sd card is filling up as well, along with the cloud storage? What is your local storage set to? What firmware version is on your camera? What app version are you using?

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Video won’t help. It’s the sheer number of “events” it records (i.e. the list of dozens of videos in the “Events” section of the app. One every minute to two minutes for hours)
Using latest firmware (I always upgrade as soon as available).
Motion tagging not enabled.
Funny thing is also this morning it shows on the main app landing screen that this camera is “Offline” but it is not. It’s recording and I can watch live video. I’ve power cycled the camera as well to no avail.

P.S. If it matters this is all on IOS on both a iphone and ipad.

Ok, those are your cloud storage clips. The SD card local storage clips are accessible from live viewing then pressing playback at the bottom of the screen.

Id say try a manual firmware flash to either redo the current firmware that’s on the camera or flash back a version to see if that fixes the issue. It does sound like something’s a miss in the software somewhere. The manual firmware flash should fix the showing of offline as well.