Outdoor Cam used to detect motion until SD card installed

I went ahead and got some SD cards for my cams. I formatted them with the Wyze app, all firmware is updated, and they all worked fine the first few days. Motion detection has always worked well up to this point. The 12 second cloud videos worked fine, and it also recorded to the cards and I could retrieve them with the app.
However, in the last few days I get no motion detection on either side. The 12 second clips & notifications do not work, and the recordings to the card do not happen. At least not all the time. Sometimes the cloud worked and sometimes only the card worked, but it has gotten to the point where neither is working properly. No other settings have been changed, and the cameras are all in their original locations. Batteries still show over 50%. Any suggestions?

Or maybe I’m not setting them properly to use the cards. I looks like to get them to work, you have to go into the camera and go to More / Scheduled Recordings, and set a time frame. I set them to 30 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes each. If someone know how to set it to “always on” please let me know! I also have it set to “motion only” instead of continuous recording. Like I said it seemed to work fine the first day, then it started failing.

There is no “always” setting for the outdoor cam.Why would you schedule motion recordings for all day everyday when in the original setting for the cam it detects motion and the event is recorded to the SD in the base station ? I could understand scheduled continuous recording but I don’t think your battery will last to long if you set it for a long time. I must be missing something :upside_down_face:.What firmware version are you using?

I must be the one missing something. I thought you had to turn Scheduled Recording on in order for it to record to the card at all. It would never record to the card on any of my cameras until I turned that on.

Firmware is on the cameras and on the base. Both say everything is up to date.

It doesn’t record all day long, only when motion triggers it, I have the max length set to 45 seconds and cooldown is 45 seconds. It worked great for a few days, then started being extremely inconsistent.

One thing that did change that I forgot about, was an app update. It looked like it was geared for other products but I installed it anyway. Have rebooted the phone and cameras and base since then, but still having issues. Again, the “default” motion detection and 12 second recordings always worked, but after installing the cards there would never be recording saved to the cards, nor to the base station (although I do not have the "backup to base station option turned on).
It was only after turning on Scheduled Recordings that it saved to any cards at all, It worked great for a few days, now is very hit & miss (mostly miss).

This was the original article I found, which said to use Scheduled Recordings:

Now I found this article, which says not to use Scheduled Recordings because it stops recording motion events???

So what we are really missing is a guide that shows how to use each setting! All I have been able to find so far are these little mini articles, which are conflicting with each other.

Today’s recording update: I was bombarded with alerts, 12 second recording, and recordings to the camera cards all morning. All settings are the same as I mentioned above. Now this afternoon, nothing has been recording anywhere, and we have definitely had traffic around all 4 cams.

Sorry to hear about your problems. I just went out and walked around my house and got notifications in 10 to 12 seconds from all 4 Cams just like always.I am using cam plus and some of the events are 45 seconds to over 1 minute long I hope they get things fixed for you.

Ah, that could be part of it. I’m not using CamPlus. I forgot to mention that.

You shouldn’t need Cam Plus to at least get notification of 12 second motion video events. I have my 3 of my 4 cameras set at 2 minute max recording of motion events.

Today’s update: got no 12 second videos to the cloud, nor a single notification yesterday on any camera. There were a few events recorded to the card (using the Scheduled Recording).
Then today, all 4 cameras magically started doing the 12 second videos, notifications, and recordings saved to the card. All looks to be working properly.
What changed today? I turned the setting for each camera to “back up to base station.” That’s it. Doesn’t sound like that setting would affect recordings in general, so it still makes no sense. But the end result is that 16/16 events recorded “both ways” on just one camera, and probably over 50 total for all 4 cameras. I’m in the process of going through the cloud clips and the card clips to see if they all match up - and so far so good.

I did see that there is new firmware available today, but I have no upgraded yet. Will probably do that later today.

My advice do not do the upgrade just yet posted my test results on this post.

OP, you are duplicating efforts. The SD card in the WCO only holds scheduled recordings. Those clips, or recordings, have to be downloaded to your cell phone if you want to view them.

The base station maintains standard motion clips. Or, as you mentioned I guess a copy of your scheduled recordings?

As far as not saving motion clips, I am having an issue with that since the weekend.

The new Firmware made it worse, plus my battery is now draining significantly fast.

I was not replying to the issue of the SD recording I know how it works, Just stating my experience with the new firmware version and that I did not recommend Wyzzaz upgrade to the new firmware as he was planning to do .As stated “I did see that there is new firmware available today, but I have no upgraded yet. Will probably do that later today”.
All 4 of my cams have and still work great with the firmware and 4.17.001

Thank you both for your replies!
isaiah58 - I didn’t know that’s how base recordings/backups worked. That’s good to know. As for duplicating efforts, as far as I can tell it’s the only way to get what I need. And I don’t mind duplicated recording anyway as backups are a good thing.
So for what I want: I want the alerts on the phone and recordings of however long they last. The default 12 seconds (without cards) is good for 90% of incidents. But there have been longer incidents that I wanted longer recording for, and that’s why I went ahead and got cards. But those recordings to the card do not sent alerts. Therefore, I need both recording methods to work properly. And that’s ok if it’s the way they were designed. The issue was when one or the other (or neither) worked at all.

Antonius - I didn’t see your response in time, and I did the upgrade.

Here is today’s update:
Last night, I ran the firmware updates for both the base ( and cameras (
I did not get any of the new features with the update. Then later I found the app update. After updating the app all the features were available, but the new detection zone, each camera would freeze and the app would crash when trying to urn it on.
Today, the app worked properly, no crashes, and I could get to the new settings.
Recordings are all still working properly and recording & backing up where they should. I have not noticed any extra drain to the batteries as others have mentioned. Detections seem to be working very well now.

I just wish there was a way to turn Scheduled Recordings on 24/7. Motion detection triggers only. The 30 day limit is doable but annoying. If I forget to reset it, that could suck.
Batteries are still over 50% (with temps below freezing most days) since the 9th when I installed them. But I’ve only been using the scheduled recordings for 4 days or so.

Other than that, no complaints!