Wyze CAM Outdoor not recording video

I just installed a fresh outdoor cam yesterday. The issue seems to be the common one. It is not recording video nor is it backing up to the SD card in the base station (noting here details though I raised support ticket). Note motion tracking is ON.
I deleted and re-installed and got a brief event notification but clicking it shows live stream and not video.
Further, I tried to see if it captured some past motions in the cloud but there is no events tab or way to navigate the snippets that was stored for me.

I like the camera, quality and if properly resolved happy to be a beta tester for the app (I can note from nearly 2 decade of experience, some usability can be improved, but again this is not related to my topic above).

Any help will be much appreciated as I want to expand coverage but before investing need to ensure 100% end to end testing of mine passes :slightly_smiling_face:

Stay Safe!

Outdoor cam is only going to record based off motion detection.
This has been discussed in other threads on this forum.
If you do not have a Cam Plus subscription, you will only get 12 seconds of recording.
With Cam Plus subscription, you can get recording as long as there is motion.
Outdoor camera does not continuous record like Wyze Cam V2/V3 does with SD card.

Thank you Brian, Yes I appreciate it, and just want to even check the 12-sec video which is not coming (if I click on notification, it goes to live stream). I just watched DongSheng tips in detail and am going to do the famous “Dongsheng experiment” :grin: and will update. Note, I completely deleted and re-installed as well (on this note, DongSheng app seems slightly different as I think I may have an updated version).

At this point, I am thinking if its base station: because cam is also not uploading to the 32GB card in the base station (Wyze SD Card). I will get back with relevant observations shortly. Thanks once again.

I had to re-install completely and it seemed to have worked as I see the Events etc. tabs at the bottom of the app. The sync to base station is not occuring but I think I need to physically eject the SD card and check it (can someone confirm)?

Further, I am quite happy with support (Go Wyzards :slight_smile: ) and in fact ordered 2 more outdoor cam and a video door bell. Quality and cost are good compromises and 14D free cloud storage is excellent. Some suggestions

  1. Will help if SD card stored videos (base station or camera) be displayed in App
  2. Theft is a concern as it is easily detachable - a tight screw on may simply prevent it to some extent.

I am also beta so will provide suggestions as it comes to mind with usage.

Yes, to my surprise just now, there are no videos stored in the SD card within my Outdoor Cam Base. Is this simply NOT supported?

Reviving this above old thread as I never got a reply.

Wyze folks: does the Outdoor cam back up videos to the Base Station SD card? Or is this feature nonexistent?

Has anyone found a resolution yet? I have a Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 and it will NOT record video events.

It will take a photo and store it on the sd card.

If I watch the light on the back, it blinks blue for a second…then turns solid blue. In the app, i get notified in the Events tab…but it is only a picture not Video.

Does the Outdoor v2 not support event videos…that can be viewed in the App?

If I take the sd card out…and browse it on my computer…there are NO video files only jpg’s.

If i manually record a video, I can view that via the App.

I have tried using the App to reformat the card. I have tried deleting the device and readding it via the app. I have tried watching a few videos on the wyze support site…nothing seems to fix the issue of NOT being able to record videos.

You need to get at Least Cam Plus Lite to get the 12 second cloud events, If you want longer than 12 second events recorded you need to pay for Cam Plus. The WCO does not record videos to the SD card in the camera unless you are doing scheduled event recording. You can get cam plus lite for $0.00 (Free) using the custom amount.



I am not asking about CLOUD based services. I am asking about local SD card storage.

I am not asking about SCHEDULED RECORDING. I am asking about event triggered videos.

As an example, my Wyze Cam 3 has this feature (SD card storage of Event triggered videos…that I can view via the Wyze App).

How do you set this up for the Wyze Cam Outdoor V2? Or does the Outdoor V2 only allow single snapshot jpg images to be stored from motion detected events?

The events on the app from your Wyze V3 are not from the SD card in the cam, they are Cloud Event videos. If you want videos to show up on the events page of the app for your WCO V2 do Like I said and get either the Free cam plus lite or pay for cam plus.

Really? Because I do not pay for any cloud service. And I have had the Cam 3 for over a year. I had a 14 day trial…but that expired months ago.

In the v3, anything in “playback” is from the SD card in the camera. The WCOV2 doesn’t have the same sd card local storage features and you’d need to enable just the scheduled recordings in the WCOV2 to have events saved to it’s card, but viewing those clips is different than the v3.

In the Wyze app, anything under the “event” tab is your cloud storage. And since it looks like you don’t have any cloud services wet up, you’d only get event images shown in the event tab for your events.

CamPlusLite is a pay what you want, including $0, which allows you to have 12 sec event videos with person detection for the supported cameras.

If I schedule to record for a month using motion detection it should record videos and store them in the card. I should be able to view them (12sec max) under the archive tab (top right). It used to work sketchily to say the least. I recently tried Cam Plus which allowed longer videos with no break between them. This also performed poorly. Videos longer but not much. Poor motion detection. I even tested it walking in front of the camera. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t. I cancelled Cam Plus and will never buy a camera from Wyze again. And I have a number of their other products. The base camera with no plan should work. Your suggestion looks like it will only work with one of the plans. If so, then Wyze is engaging in blatant false advertising. Why seek a camera that does nothing?! I only found out about Cam Plus after purchasing the camera. I don’t remember any mention of the cameras limitations out of the box. I have two large SD cards in both the camera and base station which apparently do zero. I even have a new screen shot, in the video box, at the bottom of the archive. It was taken 15 min ago which I was in. So it obviously sees the movement. But records nothing. The camera is buggy to say the least. Completely unreliable in terms of security. The answers being given here are inaccurate. The camera should work out of the box. Motion detection and video recording. It did when I got it but it was always very inconsistent. These people have the same problem I have. No solutions have been offered. I have spent hours with support. Nothing resolved the issue.

Sorry it’s under Album, not archive.
Attached screenshot indicating video taken.
Then when you click on the video and there’s nothing.
This has happened endlessly.
I get an Event notification to boot.
I know I can’t see that without Cam plus but it should record it in the album.

My version one WCO cameras will have been in operation for three years next Saturday 11-04-23.
I have no idea how you set up scheduled recording but when I use it I can view all the events in the album. I had to limit the length of the videos to 2 minutes during scheduled recording because of to much use and some of the videos were over 10 MB. This is the last time I used scheduled recording (First screen capture)
I put the camera on Cam Plus 2 weeks ago and they work.
Backup to the base also works if you have Cam Plus Lite or No Cam Plus. It will not work with Cam plus. Note: You have to click save every time you make a setting on the scheduled recording settings like duration, events only, and how many days or hours, no cooldown period and so on.

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What scheduled recording settings have you been using? Setting those is the only way you will get a recording that shows up under the album.

From your post it sounds like you are speaking about local SD card storage and cloud storage at the same time, but these should be talked about separately as they are different functions and operate independently of eachother. They each have a different set of settings in the app.

Can you provide a bunch a screen shots of your different settings pages and the views that your cameras have and I bet fresh eyes on them will be able to suggest assistance.

I have 1.5 GBs showing on the cards but nothing shows in the app. If I take a picture or record a video it saves them. They’re all deleted. The real time feed is working. It simply
Won’t show anything. The scheduled video could be working but since it won’t show them I can’t tell.

If you take a picture or record a video they are saved in your iOS device photo/Media album.

Scheduled recording is: open the cam to live view, tap more, tap album. That album has the contents of the SD card.

Just took a picture

The album in the app is empty. I delete them off my phone. The card shows 1.5 GB but the App shows nothing. Whether they go to my phone is irrelevant. When I delete them off the album on my phone it should have no affect on what’s saved on the cards. I will eventually pull the cards and check them on my computer. I’m disillusioned enough to lack motivation at this point. They’re on the card but the app won’t show them. No reason.