Motion detection with no motion!

My pan cam is recording motion events almost constantly when there is no motion. I have continuous motion capture turned on and my events screen is just full of ~ 18 second clips of nothing.
I have power cycled the camera and turned motion sensitivity down to the lowest but this is still happening.
I’m not in the US so get no support, so any ideas?

You could try turning on motion tagging and see what it is picking up as motion


Motion tagging is on. I just see random green boxes - no movement.

Able to post a video of this? In the green boxes, is there pixels changing at least? The motion tagging actually triggers on changing pixels. A light illuminating a space that is covered by a camera, clouds moving causing the sun to shine differently are examples as to what our cameras trigger to as “motion”. Can you post a video of these “empty random green boxes” from a video?


No shadow movement or anything? The green boxes usually make it fairly clear what triggered it.

I admit I’m not super familiar with the Pan. I don’t own one. It’s tough to tell what triggered the first clip. The green box is visible from the first moment, so I wish I could see what happened half a second before that.

On the second clip, it’s clear that it’s getting triggered from the movement of the camera itself, but I thought the Pan was supposed to ignore its own movement when it comes to motion tracking. BUT – I’m wondering if that initial movement (Everything before 5 seconds in the video) may have been caused by the wind, as opposed to the camera itself. It kinda looks that way, and if that’s the case, it would explain why it’s registering the camera movement as motion.

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It’s clearly triggering incorrectly. I have about 100 false movement ‘events’ ! Roughly every 5-6 minutes. And it’s on the lowest sensitivity setting.

Based on that video, it looks like the camera itself is being shaken/moved by something (maybe the wind?), which is causing it perceive the shift in the image it “sees” as motion.

I agree with some of the others, without seeing a longer video (meaning what led up to the motion) it is hard to say. What kind of mount is it on and how sturdy is it. I only have one pan cam and it sits on a shelf. The ones I have outside are the V2 and they are aprrox half the size so wind does not seem to affect them as much. I would try making the mount more sturdy if possible.

It’s on a proper camera mount and secured through the roof - so very sturdy. I don’t think it’s the camera’s own movement setting it off, but it could be.
I’ll upload a longer video later today.

Thanks for all of your help so far.

Regardless of how securely it’s mounted, the camera rotates on its own axis, so I’m thinking the wind may be enough to blow that around a bit.

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Is pan scan on? Looks like it is. Try turning it off and see if you still get all the notifications.

I can’t even connect to it anymore, and it keeps resetting itself (clicking then rotates all the way around) every 5 mins or so.
I thinks it’s dead, Jim.

Out of curiosity, if you bring it indoors near the router, will it connect? I’m wondering if there’s a connection strength issue.

I know you’re outside of the US, but if you contact Wyze Support they might be able to make some more suggestions. Unfortunately, cameras outside of the US aren’t covered by warranty, so they wouldn’t be able to send you a replacement if it’s faulty, but they might be able to help you diagnose the problem(s).

It’s right next to the router so no issues with wifi strength.
Maybe it got wet or something. It is outside after all. If it keeps acting up I’ll order a new one.

Well, that’s certainly a possibility. Do you at least have it under a roof eave or something? Or is it fully exposed? From the video, it looks like there’s probably an eave over it, but I can’t see that for sure. Either way, it’s not outdoor-rated, and the warranty doesn’t cover damage from use outdoors, even if you are in the US.

Yes it’s well protected under the eaves, but is outside nonetheless so could have got wet at some point. It survived a whole winter though so is great for something meant for indoors!

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I think I’ve figured it out (the connection/resetting issues, not the over sensitivity). The same started to happen with another camera; this time a V2. I heard it clicking very often, and whenever I checked the SD card recording, only small snippets were being recorded at a time when set to continuously record.
I formatted both cam’s cards, reset both cams, removed and re-added both. Nothing seemed to make a difference, they both kept resetting themselves every minute or so.
I also recently changed internet providers and as such got a new modem and router so, thinking that may be the problem I bought a new mesh system (Tenda MW6) that I know works with Wyze. Guess what? Same issue. So I probably didn’t need to spend $200 on the Tenda but won’t tell the wife :wink:
Then I realised that the two cams with issues were both set to CMC. As soon as I switched off CMC, both cams connected and have stayed connected for 3 hours now.
I’m guessing this was the cause but don’t understand why, unless the CMC is calling home regularly to a different server than the others and that server is refusing the connection from my new internet provider??

Since switching off CMC the two cams have had 100% connectivity for almost 24 hours now so that was definitely the problem.
I’ll drop support an email.