Motion detection jumping incorrectly with pan cam

I have my camera backed to a wall so all motion is “in front” of it. And most motion is is in a 45 degree arc. When someone approaches the camera it pans all over the place haphazardly. It points to the areas well beyond the 45 degree arc, and there is absolutely no motion in that area. The green box also demonstrates this behavior. I have sensitivity down to zero. Is there anyway to make this “calm down”?

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Unfortunately motion tracking when set to on leaves everything to be desired. I used to have it enabled on my Cam Pan along with the motion tagging and it would wildly spin about like a short circuited R2-D2 unit.

The tracking algorithm needs considerable work for it to be of any possible consideration.

What do you mean “when set to on”? Are you talking about motion tracking and motion tagging?

No. Just the motion tracking alone set to on, enabled.

So you’re saying the motion tracking basically doesn’t work?

I never could get it to work consistently. It would follow some objects while others it would spin wildly about and overshoot the object in the field of view. It works to a certain extent but remains unusable overall.

Same with me. I saw the exact same behavior, where it would sometimes point straight back at a blank wall, and the motion tagging “caught” a bunch of stationary objects, while the real motion (me walking) was ignored. And that was when it detected motion at all. It seems that motion detection goes way down when motion tracking is on, missing real motion most of the time. Turning tracing off fixes that.

It also has problems returning to the detection zone, sometimes pointing at that wall again, which must be sooo interesting.

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I received two new Pan Cams today to troubleshoot this exact issue. New camera1 I updated the firmware on and it behaved the same as the others… I held off on updating the firmware on camera2. This is good because we tested version 4.10.3,61 and the issue is not there.

I called tech support and got a great rep that put up with my groaning when she asked me to run a test I had already run twice before. :grinning: She said she had not heard of the issue before, but she got some attention on it quickly.

The issue was raised to the leads then developers, I even sent them video of the crazy camera tracking and log files.

She is sending me a procedure to get my other Pan Cams down to the earlier version. It will share it here as soon as I get it. Any anyone already has this procedure link please respond with link.

Not sure if they are going to downgrade the cameras or hopefully quickly find a solution and push updates.


Oh, I also suggested they install a ceiling fan in their testing area. :+1: