Motion tracking too sensitive

I’ve been using a Pan Cam since December and love it but recently(the last 4 months or so) it’s just spazing out more than it should be.

I record 24/7 to my SD card and do not use any notifications, just use it as a security pan. When I first got it motion tracking worked very well and smooth. Then ever since one of the updates happened motion tracking seems to create it’s own motion which causes the camera to keep moving after it moves to the last motion. It draws the green box around the motion and spins towards that box, while its turning the green box stays in the same spot on the camera which puts it in a new place after rotation, the camera then turns towards this new false positive spot.
It’s moving so fast and often it can not clearly focus and is just a constant blur. I really love the idea of keeping track of motion for the recording but this is unusable for motion.


I love the fact motion detection has a sensitivity setting it would be great if motion tracking had a sensitivity setting as well.

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