Pan cam motion trigger when it pans

Not sure if I’m the only one… nothing new, same issue since day one but thought it would get corrected without needing to say something… my pan cam is set to pan of course and has motion capture enabled, things seem to work okay BUT the camera or software thinks there’s motion when the camera itself pans from spot to spot. Annoying in the sense of pointless video captures being uploaded to the cloud and taking up otherwise useful space. Btw… if there is motion, the cam should stop and record and/or follow… not pan away while something is happening. Pancam firmware . Android app updated to latest version as of 10-13-20


Not just you. One of the most frustrating things I have been dealing with. Also get lots of false motion alerts when lighting changes in an adjacent room. I haven’t been turning camera on when I’m home anymore.

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I have been having the same issue for almost two months. My Pan Cams were sending motion notifications every 5 minutes (as soon as the time out elapsed). I had to disable panning. I dealt with tech support, did all of their recommendations to no avail. I kept hoping one of the updates would fix the issue. Still no solution.