Pan Cam (s) - Not Detecting Motion

Over the last week, the two pan cams that I have set up have basically stopped detecting motion altogether. While I am aware that there are some issues/concerns with the former person-detection that I was grandfathered into, the cameras are essentially useless if not able to detect motion and report it.

Some observations -

Motion detection seems to be occuring somewhat at night as vehicles are driving by with lights on. I would assume there is an issue with he motion detection system where it is prioritizing lighting over motion somehow.

Sound is still being detected.

In the application, when selecting the detection zone screen, a large black bar/box appears to the right of the image field for both cameras. This negative space may be causing the errors on the camera, but I am unable to change the detection zone without the application crashing and requiring a “force stop.”

The cameras also appear to have a more heavily compressed image or resolution now, which isn’t great but would be tolerable if they were detecting motion.

Application is updated (on Android) and cameras are on firmware

Hopefully this helps to reconcile the situation. I look forward to the responses as well as the future application updates.

I have one of the issues you have - sensing lights outside the window. I don’t know if it is able to sense motion as I am not there (it is at my Winter home where I am not, due to COVID).

Didn’t used to do this. Previously just sensed motion. Started a few days ago. It may have been at the latest update but I cannot say for sure. I am running on the camera.

Still having exactly the same issues as described previously. Lovely to have functioning cameras nearly bricked thanks to bad firmware.

Hey, at least Wyze can focus on releasing new products like a watch and a vacuum instead of maintaining functionality on their current devices.

Any updates on the new/repaired firmware for the Pan Cams?

Well, we’re now 20 days into a firmware update that essentially rendered both if my Pan-Cams entirely useless.

Still detecting sound, still able to rotate and pan, but not detecting motion at all (even standing in front of the cameras waving). Cameras do recognize light change as motion, for example if I used a flashlight or other device in front of them, but absolutely nothing else.

Do we have any idea on a fix for these now-pointless devices?

27 days in and we’re still not detecting motion during the day time…as noted, there is clearly an issue with the cameras logic for motion that is based on light in the image. Someone drives by at night with lights on, motion detected. Someone says hello by the front door, sound detected. Someone waves frantically outside the front door but doesn’t make a sound, no motion detection/no person detection. Absolutely crazy.

Looks like my days as a Wyze apologist and supporter will be coming to an end, sadly…

Also, I appreciate that it’s been a full month from the last (failed) firmware, with no updates at all. That’s sarcasm.

Any suggestions are welcome.

My camera is still doing the same thing. I get numerous events at night as cars drive by the house and the headlights are visible through the front door.

Everything used to work fine. Evidently the last update broke something.

I have the same issue. look forward to the solution.