Phantom motions triggering recordings

I have two types of cameras: the fixed position camv2 and the pan cams. They are in my winter home, in the same room, for testing purposes. Periodically through the day both types of cameras will pick up some movement that I cannot see. Motion tagging is on for all cameras. The motion is framed by the green border, but I cannot tell what that motion is. As far as I am concerned, that motion is not evident to/discernable by the naked eye. The sensitivity settings on all cameras have been at even the lowest setting and this still happens. They are not time specific. Sound detection is off.

Anyone else seeing this?

I am currently experiencing the same issue. I have submitted via the beta feedback using test flight

Im seeing similar on two of mine that are using the grid detection.

Sometimes its because something is moving just on the line of the zone and it starts recording too late. (Only able to tell by turning on continuous record to SD and comparing) Other times its just ghosts…

That makes more sense than anything I have come up with. That momentary motion cannot be anything of significance or it would have stuck around for the recording.

There are the others that still are baffling, and occur after the recording begins. They are frame in green by the "motion tagging " function. I have download them and zoomed in, and still cannot see what the camera has spotted.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the cameras are a bit too sensitive for my needs.

I have been having the same issue on my cam pans.
I have come to the conclusion my house is suddenly just haunted.
There is no movement no changes in lighting or anything else to set the motion detection and tracking on.
I just say oh well all of my kitties that have passed are coming to visit.
Gave up on these features being reliable any longer.
Use them more for fun then safety or security now.

Last night one of my outdoor cams picked up some exhaust vapor from a clothes dryer vent. Sometimes the shade from clouds or reflections of light off of vehicle windshields cause a motion clip.

It is likely that the motion your indoor cameras are detecting is some type of shadow or light movement from outside sources.

I get recordings of moving shadows and moving reflections, and lights going from dim to bright. Clouds covering the sun momentarily cause changes in light in a room, and the cameras pick that up and records it. Those I see. and those are NOT what my problem is. It is what I and others have stated. Recordings of motion that you cannot find in the recording.

As was mentioned, sometimes the motion stops just before the recording starts. So there is a quick reflection or change in light, but you don’t see it on the recording. To find the source of these, you’d need to put in a SD card and watch the continuously recorded video starting just before the recording next time it happens.

Whatever the cause, the point is that the recordings are useless, as will the continuous recording be useless even though it reveals the cause - the flicker of light or the gnat that flashed in front of the camera. I’M satisfied that the ghost recordings have a rational, highly probable explanation. I feel my question has been answered.

Now I have to decide if I want to put up with all of the false positives (seen and unseen motion recordings), or pay a fee to tell the cameras to record people only, or use more of my other brands that can discriminate without a fee.

Thank you all for listening and helping. :smiley:

I have a Ring on my front door. I often have clips that show nobody. If I listen carefully, I can usually at least hear footsteps of whomever walked quickly by. Rings are over $100.

My point is, this is not a unique situation that only Wyze cameras have.


I have 3 other camera brands that don’t have this problem, including a non-Ring doorbell camera. I need to test those brands in the same environment as the Wyze cameras, and test the Wyze cameras in a different environment. All cameras must perform the same tests covering the same time periods with the same lighting conditions before I decide which to use and where to use them. I may use all of them, in the end.

Like someone else said, even with more expensive type camera systems, all this happens. I get notifications for movement outside the green detection zone once in a while, most time it works, it is what it is. For the most part, they work, you can see what’s going on whenever you manually want to check in.

I have yet to see this in other cameras, but will continue testing, as I said before.

Good thought process.

There are a couple of popular YouTube channels dedicated to home security devices. A few others that also blend in many of the other home automation devices.

The one consistency about Wyze cam, by the reviewers, is clear: they provide basic monitoring, do not replace “security cams” and should not be relyed on as such.

The delays in notifications are the slowest. The microphones and speakers make communicating very difficult. Their motion and tagging ranges are below average.

The cams provide most of what I am looking for, basic monitoring of my vehicles. The Rings push my limits on notification and connection delays when someone is at my door. I have no reason to torture myself with Wyzes dour cam.

Because I live in a condo, I accept the limitations and am happy to save money on the Wyze devices I do have.

If I owned a stand alone home, or townhouse, I would most likely invest in fully wired monitoring devices to a home platform with the ability to access it externally. Then pick other home automation devices, including Wyze, situationally

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I agree with your conclusion. You have done what I intend to do: evaluate cameras for their capabilities short comings, and decide what is best for my needs. I needed to find out if my Wyze experience was mine alone and if not, what is the cause. The answer to this will affect my end choice. Pretty simple.

To the rest of you,
Thanks to you kind folks I think I have my answer. I can continue to do my testing. Au Revoir

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