Motion but no object

Hey y’all! I just setup the cam pan and turned on motion tagging. For those of you who have that option turned on, does your cam sense motion even though nothing shows up on the video? Mine does and there’s nothing there and I’m getting kind of freaked out lol.

Welcome to the Forum Community, @DeL! The cam uses a pixel change algorithm to detect motion. That means that if enough light changes in the viewing area it will interpret it as motion and tag it, even though you may not see an object actually moving.
Try experimenting with the sensitivity settings to see if you can reduce the tagging.
Another way to approach it is to add the Wyze Sense Motion Detectors, which use a passive Infrared detection which is totally different approach not based on light, and can also be used as triggers to activate the cams and other devices via the rules.


Thank you so much!