Sensor hub volume has decreased considerably after latest update

I have noticed that the volume is DRASTICALLY quieter. If I hit the LOW setting, I actually have to hold the hub to my ear to hear it. If I set it to HIGH, I can barely hear it more than 10 feet away.

I have tried resetting the hub, readding it to the account, nothing seems to work.

Hub Firmware:
App version: 2.25.12 (Beta)

And I will say ahead of time, this was an issue before I downloaded the beta version of the app. This seems to have started, like everyone else, with the latest update. Unfortunately, there is no obvious way to manually flash and downgrade the hub. For a security related device to be this quiet is a serious concern considering it’s a product that’s literally intended to save lives. This needs top priority.


Same. Please fix ASAP.


Started a ticket for this issue and was sent a replacement unit. After connecting the hub it would not allow me to go past before updating firmware. When I plugged it in it was definitely as loud as it was before the update. After the firmware update it is unusable. Obviously you want an intruder to know that someone will be with him in a few seconds so the volume that was there originally was great if not still a little low. I am not sure who would complain about the volume being too low since the loudness is what you want. I am currently on the phone right now waiting to speak with customer care. I have had no issues prior to this other then the random times when I couldn’t arm while away from home. I love the system but for sure needs to be fixed.


Same here. I’ve only been able to hear minor audio from the hub since the update. I definitely would have thought for something like a home monitoring system they would have jumped onto a follow up update immediately. It’s been over 2 weeks now. If I have to get this hub replaced it will be the third warranty replacement due to their firmware updates. Come on guys… Give us a fix or a status update please.


They are sending me a replacement as well. Dreading the install and of course the update that will be needed.

Why are they sending a replacement, if it needs a software update?
Or did they tell you it was a device issue that was only effecting a handful of people?


I believe it’s affecting more than just a handful of people. I mean, no one has yet to come on here and said their hub volume is fine and unaffected.

Next course of action for something this critical is to reach them on the phone as well as on social. Their Twitter handle is @wyzecam. I tweeted at them. Does anyone know the Twitter handle for any of the CEO’s ? One of them actually made the tutorial walkthrough video of the home monitoring system from his home. It’s on the Wyze website.

As @Viper just said, not sure why the company is sending replacements out when it’s apparent a SW update would quickly fix it.

Also not sure if the message I received after send the log was more of a scripted response or if this issue is known and is being worked on vs a smaller glitch.

I’m just assuming it’s being worked on without any official word, since it’s only been about a week, not sure how fast they will be able to push out an update. Or if it’s only effecting certain situations/devices.

It’s been two weeks and two days since I made the thread. Before that it was a good solid few days of having this issue before coming on here. Every day feels like a week with this critical issue.

No, not in this thread, but I reached out to a bunch of other people who had this same firmware installed on their hubs and I can confirm that this issue is not affecting everyone…though it is affecting me.

I can’t say for sure, but having worked in similar customer service jobs while going through college, I suspect that it was simply an uninformed Customer Service Rep who isn’t aware of what is going on. I am sure they just heard the hub wasn’t working right, so they just went straight to going through the standard troubleshooting script, and when they got to the end without it being resolved, they just created a ticket to replace the device under warranty. They most likely should not have done that. Perhaps they didn’t check known issues, or maybe they don’t even really know what firmware is or how things really work. They are most likely trained to first try to fix problems through the troubleshooting script, then check if it’s under warranty, and try replacing it that way. I’m pretty confident this was just a mistake, and more informed reps would appropriately say there is a fix being worked on and it should be resolved with an upcoming firmware update.

I do wish there was at least an option to roll back the firmware or flash it somehow to the previous version while we wait. I am going on vacation soon and I would like to take the hub out of whisper mode while I’m away.

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My hub volume is fine and unaffected, even after the latest update. It’s so loud, I have it turned down to medium and it’s still loud.

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Thanks. I wish my hub was as loud as yours!

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Wyze is working on it. :+1:


Appreciate a moderator weighing in. So should we hang tight and wait for a software fix or should we submit a ticket for replacement?? Kind of critical to know.

Would you suggest I install the replacement unit they have shipped or wait for the update? Will the replacement hub suffer the same low volume fate after it updates? Meaning, is it the unit or my account?

They told me nothing. We tested various things out on the phone and then via email - unplug, disconnect, etc. Nothing worked. Next thing I know, they are sending a replacement unit.

Glad I saw this here, thought mine sounded quieter

Update: Just got off the phone with a Customer Care Representative that checked on my level 2 escalated service ticket and was told that this is a known issue and their engineering team is on it already and it should be resolved in this month’s (October) update, and no hardware replacements are being issued as it is only a software issue. I asked them when their scheduled release date was and was told it is still to be determined. I then explained to the lower level service agent that I worked in IT yadda, yadda, and work with proprietary software and if we break something during one of our releases and our clients, in droves, are bringing it to our attention, we are up until 4am the next day resolving the issue. And, that it seems Wyze has no sense of urgency. The issue was first reported on September 22nd and it is October the 7th today. I’m paying them to provide me with a sense of protection and they are not providing the adequate services that I’m paying for. They explained that I would be compensated when the issue has been resolved. I have faith they will honor that.


I guess that means everyone who has a subscription to the Home Monitoring Service will be getting refunds from the beginning of the service since it has never been fully functional?


I received the replacement unit. Reinstalled/attached everything. The few beeps the unit made during installation were quite loud (the original volume). I got to a point where the app made me upgrade the firmware to proceed. The volume is now low again. TOTAL disappointment - I am extremely discouraged. What a waste of time!

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