Contact Sensor Not Responding

I have a contact sensor that all the sudden is constantly saying it is open. I have replaced the battery, deleted and readied it to my app and ensured the magnet is lined up properly. The app recognizes the sensor and sees a signal. The sensor flashes when the magnet is brought close and taken away, however the status just shows it as open. Running app 2.31.0 (7). Any thoughts?

I’ve had some do that, and seemed to correct themselves after a couples hours. How long has it been doing this?

For the last day. I have an extra Entry Sensor V2 and decided to just use that. However even after replacing the battery I can’t get it to connect to the hub. The old sensor was connecting to the usb small hub that plugs into the back of a camera. All my other sensors that use the monitoring hub are still showing online and working. Not sure what is going on.

After rebooting my router my hub and sensor is now connecting fine. Sigh. I wish I would have tried that before I reset the hub and now have to add the sensors all over again. :worried:


I had a similar problem. Had to rip it out and reinstall several times and someplace along the line the hub decided there was a firmware to install. It’s sounding like this guy is a little finicky about seeing firmwares sometimes not sure how those get triggered whether they just push them all the time or if it waits for you to install something that’s on the list before it goes to get it.