Entry Sensor to Hub Connect Failure?

Entry Sensor v2 on garage door and connected to Hub stopped responding on Jan 3rd. AFAIK, never received Low Battery notice but replaced as precaution. Seems there were similar reports related to end-of-year but those are apparently solved.

Now the Sensor will not reconnect to Hub, result is Time-out.

Worked fine before Jan 3rd disconnect. All Wyze device firmware current and indicated troubleshooting passed. Rebooted router and Hub. Deleted all related devices and re-added Hub. Tried 2nd new Sensor with same result. Hub and Sensor NOT under Wyze monitoring but operating stand-alone.

(Did notice that rename of Hub works but some changes to config (Volume, Status Lights) appear to not be saved on App exit?)

Any ideas?

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I don’t have a specific answer, but a while back in December, I had a similar problem with my V2 sensors. It was after a firmware update to the hub and I noticed that my sensors stopped working. I thought the batteries were dead, so I replaced them. That didn’t work, so I deleted and tried to re-add them and they all timed out and wouldn’t add to the hub no matter how many times I tried. What finally worked for me in that case was deleting and re-adding the hub itself. Once I did that, all the sensors and keypad were able to be added again without timeout.

Thanks for taking time to reply. Thought of Hub re-add but no luck. Clue might be Hub apparently not accepting Config changes to Status Light or Volume? AFAIK this issue was not a previous working setup problem.

Also worth noting that Hub is connected via ethernet to T-Mobile 5G router with dedicated Wyze (2.4 Ghz & other gadgets) network SSID. But again, all worked great until the Jan 3rd Sensor/Hub disconnect.

Thanks again…

I saw that you tried a new sensor, so this may not apply, but did you do a factory reset on the sensor just before attempting install?

Also, did you attempt to add the sensor thru the device list add option or the Hub Sensor List add option?

Thanks. Tried Sensor connect to Hub via both paths - Add from Hub and Add Device which appears to require selection of Hub and then leads to same completion as first option.

Assumed that attempting connection with new, first use, 2nd Sensor would be same as factory reset of prior use sensor. How is the Entry Sensor factory reset?

It should be. That’s why I mentioned it. Factory reset is holding the setup button down until the light recycles.

What hub firmware are you running?

OK, then several “Resets” of both Sensors.

Wyze Hub with v4.32.11.365 firmware (Plugin v2.32.0.2) which App lists as Current. AFAIK, no method for forced Update or check.

That is the most up to date FW. I haven’t added sensors in a couple weeks. My test to see if there are issues this weekend.

You have already done the hub reinstall?

Several times. Possibly related to other issue discover in trying to solve this problem?

Received “new” Hub from Wyze which solved Offline/Connect issues BUT now replacement Hub is exhibiting the exact same symptoms… As well same failure of all the diagnostics, troubleshooting and fixes. VERY STRANGE!

Hub firmware - Update attempt to fails.

Aside from the update failure, what are the symptoms the hub is currently exhibiting?

Except for Sensor low battery warning, exactly as described for original Hub in opening post for this thread.

RF signal interference with existing wireless garage door controller knocking it off the hub.

Don’t think so… Maybe for an isolated occasional occurrence to take the Hub off-line BUT should be recoverable when interference is gone/absent.

This is something more complicated and almost certainly related to specific Hub hardware/firmware.

It won’t knock the hub offline as that is WiFi or Ethernet, preferably Ethernet.

The sensors are all RF, not WiFi. So if it is in issue with a series of sensors placed in the same place that continue to get knocked off the sensor, there is something specific about the location of the sensor that is knocking it off the RF connection to the hub.

Diagnostics, testing and troubleshooting to solve issues with the original Hub and first occurrence back in Jan would strongly suggest the problem has nothing to do with Sensors. 100% Hub…

That is interesting. :thinking:

When asked what your symptoms are currently

You referred back to the original post for the thread.

In that original post, all information given is regarding one specific sensor and the inability to connect it to the hub even after being replaced.

No where in your posts have you indicated any other symptoms aside from the Firmware Update failure.

Then, just yesterday, you indicated that the Offline \ Connect issues were solved.

So, without guessing what is actually going on there, and hearing that the Offline\Connect issue is solved, I can only gather that the hub is running normally since no other symptoms or details have been provided.

Additionally, it may be easy to blame the firmware as faulty, but a vast number of users are and were using firmware .365 without the slightest hint of any issues. I tested and used .365 and tested and currently have .534 without a single issue.

If you have replicated whatever symptoms you are having thru two iterations of hubs and sensors and still believe there is a network connectivity issue, I would suggest taking a close look at the connectivity and security settings in your router and\or modem.

Apologies. Sometimes mistakenly assume issues are well explained and understood by others not close to, frustrated by, problem. I’ll try to summarize.

Jan, First Occurrence - Hub (A) & Sensors not working. Suspected Sensor battery and replaced - No change. Tried several other Sensors, entry and motion - None would connect to Hub. Noticed that Hub would not accept Firmware upgrades or Save/Send to Hub any Config changes such as Volume or Status Lights settings etc. Deleted Hub, Added Hub - No change. Tried Router reboot, connect via Ethernet, WiFi - No change. Delete, reinstall Wyze App - No change. Probably a few other experiments - No change. Explained everything to Wyze technical support who suspected Hub and confirmed all they would suggest already covered - Recommended and sent new Hub (B) which Immediately worked as expected with all same Sensors, Router, etc. Done…

Apr, 2nd Occurrence - Hub (B) & Sensors not working - Same exact symptoms. Same Sensors, Router, other environment/system configs. Same troubleshooting process except replacement of Sensor batteries.

No additions to network, no Router changes. No new Wyze devices.

So the question I would be asking is what changed in April that prompted an otherwise working hub to suddenly go offline and stop working? Have you tried to change the Hub to a different Ethernet port on the router? Did you have WiFi setup on that router as a fall back when Ethernet is disconnected?

My final troubleshooting steps if a soft reboot didn’t work would be a complete do-over. Delete the hub from the app, cache clear, log out, restart phone. Factory Reset on the hub and then a fresh new install. Firmware update before any sensor installs.

Other than connect/setup of Hub via Ethernet and WiFi, have not fiddled with Router, all other connected devices work fine. Really not interested in screwing up something else.

Tried the complete “do-over” with original Hub - No change. And when I asked Wyze about Hub Factory reset in Jan they said there is no such thing.

Thanks for trying to help but still think there is some sort of Hub failure or recurring issue that is difficult to diagnosis and fix. Maybe time to move on to other solutions.

Have a new idea but will take a few days to test…