Entry Sensor v2 entry sound (tune) not playing on sense hub

New home monitoring setup received yesterday. I noticed the entry sensors were sounding a chime on the sense hub when an entry sensor opened, but then it suddenly stopped after arming and testing the system a couple times.

I verified all of my “tune settings” were set to “ON” for each entry sensor (wyze app → monitoring (bottom) → “Home Monitoring Settings” → “Tune Settings”) but still nothing.

After being on the phone with support for over an hour I resolved the issue myself by performing a soft reboot (they wanted me to do a factory reset, which would have involved re-pairing all of my sensors, yuck).

Factory reset that worked with hub firmware v4.32.8.246:

  1. Unplug the Wyze Sense Hub (you’ll hear “Running on battery backup…”
  2. Press and hold the reset button on the back until the status lights start blinking
  3. Wait for hub to reboot (you’ll again hear “running on battery backup…”
  4. Restore power to the hub

Immediately after doing this the entry sensor triggered the chime noise on the hub!


Good they are working now. FW updates have been notorious for messing this up.

I had to soft reboot AND toggle off, shutdown, restart, toggle on all my sensors

I swear there were at least five firmware updates in less than a week on my wyze stuff mostly sense hub and sensors. It seems a little snarky about downloading updates sometimes for whatever reason I was having issues with entry sensors not working right but after I deleted and reinstalled the problem sensor a couple times suddenly it wanted another firmware update, after that happened no more entry sensor problems thank heavens. Just one dumb question, why when the sense hub loses power does it say running on battery but when power is restored it doesn’t say power restored or something along those lines. I have usb ports on a number of my wall outlets and instead of taking up an AC plug I just bought a usb extender plugged the sense hub into that and the extender into the wall usb. I could not tell that it was getting power no indication and the lights were on but if I unplugged it said running on battery so I 'assumed" that meant it was getting power and it’s been working all week so I assume battery would have quit by now if it wasn’t getting power. I need the three AC outlets in that spot for my TV and dvd player etc.

That is a great idea. You should post a new topic to the Wishlist requesting they add this feature! I will vote for it!

The hub is powered by the same standard 5V\1A power adapter as most Wyze Cams. Any current USB power source should provide enough power to run it.