Wyze Entry Sensor V2 - Tune Settings Not Turning On

I am new to this forum. Signed up because I am stumped. I just purchase a Wyze Home Monitoring Kit and extra entry sensors, Since it is a new kit, I do have an active (trial) monitoring subscription for 6-months.

I went through the setup process and for the most part, it was rather easy. All firmware has been updated to (not Beta version). For the entry sensors that came with my kit, I have no problems turning it on and off in Tune Settings. The extra two sensors I have is defaulted to “off” and I can’t seem to change it. I can go into Tune Settings and set it to “on” but it will never save it on that setting. I am stumped on what the issue is.

I personally would like to have Tune Settings On so I would hear someone opening the doors/windows.

Any help will be appreciated.

You might try deleting the sensors and adding them back. There are a number of problems with the hub firmware at the moment and no clear fixes. You might want to read through this for the last firmware roll-out that was halted:

Here is another with just the opposite, tunes won’t turn off:

Forgot to mention I am using the Wyze on Android.

Yeah I searched the forums before I posted. Seems there are varying degrees of problems. Many suspected root cause such as firmware, having an active subscription, and etc. but no one knows for sure. It seems to be a problem for a while and surprised it has not been addressed yet.

And I did uninstall and install. Tune settings issues are very specific to the two sensors which did not come with the original kit.

It’s a bit annoying since I was planning to cancel my ADT service only to find out Wyze is buggy.

Hope you did a lot of research first. There are many missing features for some: single pin, single location, low siren volume, etc. Also the hub is somewhat unreliable.

I did read reviews (which were mostly positive with limits - such as lack of smoke/carbon monoxide monitoring). What I failed to do is read up on customer feedbacks. Sigh. I was in a rush to lockdown the low pricing.

It seems to me the reviews are mostly fluff. I suspect the reviewers never actually used the system. I’ve had mine since they first released it and I’ve never had it out of Test mode. Don’t want NoonLight sending police for no reason other than a false alarm.

I’ve been having this issue for months. I can’t change any of my sensors in the Tune settings. I change them but they never actually accept the change. It just goes back to off.

According to other posts, Wyze is working on firmware to fix several issues, including this I believe. However, they’ve released several iterations which haven’t worked and seemed to introduce other problems.