New tone with Sense V2

With the new updates, they changed so that home monitor system has been toning everytime the door Sense is triggered.

How do I turn this off. I have looked through so many different settings in the app

Welcome to the Wyze community Stephen. Go to Wyze app Home > Monitoring (center tab at bottom) > scroll down to Home Monitoring Settings > Tune Settings > turn off entry notice on your entry sensors


I just had to do a reset on my entire system. Not sure why but it wouldn’t change from disarmed to away or home. Anyway the tone or tune menu is there but it doesn’t work now. No option to turn it off or on or what sensors to trigger it?

I had the same problem. I was able to just reboot the hub which fixed the issue. Submitted a log to Wyze and opened a ticket which was a useless endeavour.

How do you reboot the hub?

Unplug power and hold the setup button until it shutsoff, then plug power back in.

I did that and it will not connect. I am hardwired, not using WIFI. Is that a problem? BTW, how do you change the backup battery if it fails.

Can you be more specific about it won’t connect? To network? To app? To sensors? Should be able to use ethernet or wifi. Is your hub on the network? As far as the battery goes, I have no idea. I think one of the Mods posted a picture of the hub, opened showing the battery, but it doesn’t look like anything standard. Think it might have been @Seapup ?

It’s a soldered 18650 battery. Post was made by @HDRock:

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Another pic
See left bottom , battery is unplugged in this pic

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The sensors show offline. I am connected via ethernet and you can see that it has an IP address; however, I did not see it listed on my router (strange). I tried to do an update, but it failed. What is really blowing my mind is the hub is retrieving the video cams that are connected to it. When I did the power cycle with the power disconnected to the hub, I got the “ready to connect” message from the speaker. It should have just connected to the network via the ethernet cable. I am currently readying an old UPS to power the hub when I am able to reconnect, as it is apparent that Wyze did not take power failures into account for their design of this hub. I might add that I was surprised that the ethernet was connecting at only a 10 MB rate; 100 might have seemed a bit more reasonable.

I am very thankful for your assistance with this hub. If you need additional information, please specify and I will reply with it.

The cameras don’t connect to the hub, they connect directly to your wifi so any hub failure would have no effect on them. The ready to connect message means that for some reason the hub is trying/ready to connect to your Wyze account, not the network. Did you try adding the hub to your account?

That just shows you’ve paid for the service, not that the hub is connected to your account.

How do I show you that?

If you don’t see it on your router, can you ping the IP? If not, it isn’t connecting to the network. You may need to re-do the HMS setup, readding the hub and sensors. You can try to just run the setup of the hub by running the Add Device process and then adding sensors to it to see if that resolves the issue.

I will re-do the HMS setup reluctantly. It baffles me that the sensors show offline, but the information from the sensors shows on the app, although it may be cached information which means I might have low batteries in the sensors and not know it. While this may be a bandaid to get the system up and running again, it is not a real solution. Wyze needs to take power failures into consideration; especially since in is issuing security certificates for our insurance company to get lower rates.

I’m sorry to say that your experience with the HMS is one of the reasons mine has never left Test mode. It is a little too unreliable and, with four adults living in my home, there is a need for multiple PINs. I’m concerned about trying to use the system when I see many posts about issues that might result in false alarms or NO alarms.

Maybe I’m wrong about the system, but it just doesn’t seem to be ready for the real world, only for testing right now.

The system is back up and running with the updated firmware. I only had to put in half of the sensors and for some reason they all started working. If I keep it in test mode will the alarm still go off without the authorities showing up?

Now to get the UPS fully charged.
Hopefully the hub can hold on long enough to put the power plug in the UPS.

You have been a big help.

It’s supposed to do so. That’s what test mode is for.