No longer getting "tune" sound with door opening

Just noticed that I am no longer getting the “tune” sound for the two doors I had configured. I don’t have an HMS subscription but this was working until today. We had a power outage a couple of days ago that lasted all day and I think that is what killed my notices. Also, without the subscription, there is no way to check nor change any of the settings for tunes.

Hub: Firmware
App (iOS) 2.38.0 (b19)
Entry sensor (V2) firmware

Really sucks big time if this no longer works.

I’m running the same FW and i get a tune sound when a door sensor is opened, but I have the HMS

Have you tried resetting the hub?

Yes, first thing I tried.

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Darn , well I don’t know much here.

Maybe users who know more can help when they join in…

I am not suggesting this as a solution, more as a learning inquiry for the sake of discussion since I do not know what the default setting is when a new sensor is installed to a hub with no HMS:

What would happen if you did a factory reset of the sensor and new setup (not a delete, just a new install setup)? Do new sensor installs default to the Tone On setting? If the tone is now set to off, would that stay off even on a reinstall or would it require a delete\reinstall to clear all settings and start fresh?

I look forward to hearing from other people without HMS to see if anyone else reports the same thing as WildBill (Tune sounds used to work without having HMS and now suddenly they don’t).
For any observers, if you had tune sounds and they suddenly stopped chiming, please let us know.

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I would think in order to test this I’d need to delete one of the sensors first and reinstall as all settings would remain unchanged otherwise. As with other devices, as you know, a reinstall/setup doesn’t remove previous settings for most devices. Not ready to do that since all other functions remain unchanged and my rules for those sensors work, even new rules.

I’m probably going to setup some Alexa routines for the two door sensors to do an announcement when they open…not my preferred solution.


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Won’t be able to test anything for awhile…my ISP is down again. Been so since early this morning. Probably another power outage at the transmission tower for my fixed wifi connection.


We need to get a better ISP in WildBill’s area. He has had poor luck for a few years. Someone tell them to get Fiber over there pronto!


Thanks, @carverofchoice. I’d be happy if I could get T-Mobile again. They say they aren’t available in my area, even though I see several wifi SSIDs from their devices.



I’m hoping someone from Wyze can step in on this. (@WyzeJasonJ I’m looking at you.)


Opened ticket number 2670403 via chat without any resolution other than submitting a log. What I need is a short term license for HMS so I can see if the settings somehow changed for tunes on the two sensors. It is my suspicion that the problem is due to my HMS subscription expiring completely and my configuration settings for HMS being deleted from my account. I can’t verify any of this since the Tune settings ONLY appear in the HMS configuration.

I’m frustrated that this stopped working as it was the only thing from HMS that I used. I’m not going to pay $100 per year just for that so I’m only interested in verifying my theory with a one week or 30 day license for HMS. And for the record, I’m not going to pay for a one month subscription just to troubleshoot something for Wyze.

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Jason should see your tag after he gets back from the 4 day weekend and catches up on his start of the week responsibilities.

I would love to hear from other users before then and see if this is a more widespread change that can be confirmed.


Out on good behavior or just a weekend furlough?



I think most employees get off weekends normally and since the Holiday (New Years) falls on Sunday, they get Monday as the Holiday day off. I guess it’s technically a 3 day weekend, though if you count Friday evening and Tuesday morning, then it edges into a 4th day. :slight_smile: Fairly common for a lot of employers to give Monday off when New Years falls on a Sunday.

And we like Jason and also want to make sure he doesn’t overwork on his time off and burn out. :slight_smile: So I’d prefer he keep some life balance unless something is a real emergency…besides, all the teams he can pass this on to will also be off until Tuesday anyway, so there’s no point before then either way.

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Yes, I understand that and hope he’s enjoying the new year’s weekend.

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I do not have the ability to get you a short term HMS license, but let me see if I can take your ticket number and the info from this thread and see if I can find out what is going on.


Any update?

Again…any update?


Since I’m not getting any response from Wyze, I’ve setup a temporary solution using another company’s product. I’m using IFTTT to trigger my YoLink speaker hub to play a chime when the door is opened and the sensor is triggered. Also using a Wyze color bulb to flash at the same time. Less than ideal and it sometimes has a delay.

Get the feeling Wyze isn’t going to respond since I’ve pinged @WyzeJasonJ a couple of times with no response.


I got this ping, I think I may have got another at one point even if I did not reply, because I have inquired about this internally and have not received an answer yet. I will poke around a bit more tomorrow…


Thanks. Just poking since I hadn’t gotten any response. Not expecting anything from the engineers…probably just out of luck for me.