Tune Settings on Hub Settings Screen for Non-HMS Subscribers

We should be able to change the “Tune” settings for the contact sensors without needing a Home Monitoring subscription. Currently, they are on by default with no way to turn them off without an HMS subscription.

MOD NOTE: Title modified from “Control Tune Settings without HMS” to “Tune Settings on Hub Settings Screen for Non-HMS Subscribers”. See post below for further explanation.

Only Eight of us are annoyed enough with the beep of our Wyze Sensor?..

Sad that they cant just implement this in the Wyze App to allow this to be disabled for those of use without HMS)

I’d be more than happy to beta test this for Wyze… I never get picked for any other Beta Testing… so perhaps this could be my first adventure into Wyze Beta Testing!



Seems simple enough to add an OFF option beside the LOW. MEDIUM, HIGH volume settings… :man_shrugging:t2:


The volume is an overall setting. Need the ability to turn off the tunes on SPECIFIC sensors, not all.

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You can turn off Tunes for specific Sensors in HMS. Go to the Monitoring Tab, Then scroll the bottom to get into the Hub Settings, Select Tune Settings, tap on a sensor and turn off the toggle. This will turn off the Tune Setting for that sensor.

Or am I missing what you are stating?

The post thread is WITHOUT HMS.

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:rofl: I see it now. thanks

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You mean I’m not the only one who misses things directly in front of me? LMAO… That’s actually reassuring… :joy:

Lol. Nope. I read the subject a few times and totally missed it. :rofl:

Happens to the best of us.

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One of my favourite lines is from John Cleese who said the best way to hide from Marty Feldman was to stand right in front of him.



That’s too funny. Love the pic.

I certainly wouldn’t argue with that. New features deserve new tweaks accompanying.

Mod Note: I have changed the title of this topic from “Control Tune Settings without HMS” to “Tune Settings on Hub Settings Screen for Non-HMS Subscribers”.

Currently users must navigate to Monitoring > Home Monitoring Settings > Tune Settings to turn the Sense Hub “bing” sound on and off for individual sensors. This location for the setting is (1) difficult/not obvious to find, and (2) is not available to HMS non-subscribers. Moving these settings to the Sense Hub settings screen (accessible from the Home tab) would solve both of these issues.

I would also suggest renaming it from “Tune Settings” to “Sense Hub Tone Settings”.


I have no real problem with the modification except, the main problem is being unable to change the settings without HMS. I don’t care where the change is managed, but I do care that it can’t be done without HMS.


C’mon Wyze! This is really bad programming. My V1 sense and constantly needing a reset V1 hub didn’t do this. The V1 products finally annoyed me so much I gave you more money for V2 (after waiting a couple of years so I didn’t have to buy HMS) only to find I can’t put my shoes in my closet (where the Wyze light bulb turns on when I open the door) without the hub chiming and annoying my wife! I can do that without your help!


I have the opposite problem…I had a door contact sensor set to chime when it opened and after the subscription expired the chime stopped. Now using YoLink products instead since they have a speaker hub that tells me verbally which door was opened and I can control whether or not I want that, a chime or nothing.

It would be great if this could become a reality.

This is much needed. It’s incredibly frustrating that I can’t control which contact sensors have the chime enabled without paying $10/mo. I have seen this same request in some form or another for years now, with no real response from Wyze. This is such a simple change and requires so little from Wyze it’s really disheartening to see how little they value customer satisfaction in this regard.

tagging along, Chime is super annoying. I paid $100 for my hardware and do not need a professional monitoring my liquor cabinet, a phone message is enough to keep my kids honest. Having it chime every time I open it sending the dogs mad is certainly one way to drink less, but not what I signed up for when I spent the $100.

For now: Deal with barking dogs (the chime is the same as my Wyze doorbell…)
Open the device, find the speaker and remove it.
Bury the hub in a cupboard somewhere where no one can hear it.

None of these options are reasonable, fix the software Wyze!!!