Changes to "Tune" settings not saving

Just started having some problems with HMS settings not being saved and changing on their own. I have the “tunes” setting enabled for only one door. Today two others are active, which I didn’t change and when I change them to OFF they revert to ON. No one else has access to this so it is definitely something with the app.

Hub firmware:
App version: iOS 2.23.16
LOG: 272037

Update: Finally able to reboot hub and the problem seems to have been resolved, for now.

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I’m not even seeing tune settings anymore in menu after having to reset entire system

WildBill - I have set up notifications to my Echo Dots around the house when front door is open. I did this thru routines on Alexa app. Any way, I am up to date on Firmware IOS 2.23.23. I am experiencing a 4 to 5 min delay when I trip the sensor. What is causing that?
Do I need to reboot my hub and if so, how do I do that without loosing everything?
And yes it is 4 to 5 minutes after the sensor is opened. I am not sure how the communication between Alexa and my Wyze security system works. It has worked fine until today.

Not sure about the delay. I have some routines setup to do the same notification/announcement but they are setup to only run at night if a door opens unexpectedly. In the past, I haven’t seen any delays, the Alexa announcement occurs simultaneously with the door opening. It could be a network delay of some sort, but I doubt it is because of the hub. Do you have the sensors configured to send you notifications in the Wyze app? Are they also delayed?

I have a very fast Wifi, 500 over 500. Funny thing, it all went back to normal this afternoon. So I will have to watch it. I have it set so when the front door or back door opens, I get a notification on my Echo Dot as well as a notification on my iphone. We will see, very strange.
Thanks for the response.

Slowdowns are not uncommon with the Wyze stuff. Frequently it happens just as you’ve seen: slow for a while then back to normal. Sometimes days on end.

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