Sensor tune won't turn off

Three of my door sensors switched to tune on from off.
Two of the sensors let me turn them back off, but the third stays on despite me selecting off.

Are you using iOS beta app? If so, try running the production version from the App Store.

I had a similar thing happen, but it was like mine did a quick half tone rather than the whole thing. Kind of strange. Messed with it for awhile, finally deleted and re-added it, solved the problem,

Same issue. No matter how many times I switch the tune for my v2 entry sensors to off they return back to on.

Thanks everyone.
I deleted and reconnected to the hub.
Tone control is working again.


I’m continuing to have the issue.
It’s starting to get annoying.
This along with a couple of other issues has me regretting going with Wyze for my home security.

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