This can’t be right? Wyze hub chime

If I’m reading correctly… there’s no way for me to mute the chime on the Wyze hub? So every time the sensor is triggered it’s gone to chime and said my dogs baking at full volume 24/7?

If so I just wasted my money … had I for one second thought that muting the chime wasn’t an option I would never have purchased it. I don’t want to be negative but that’s literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Why in the world would anyone not want to be able to control that? Unbelievable

The chime setting is limited to the monitoring tab. If you have HMS then you can go to the monitoring tab, go to settings and change the tune settings for the sensors. If you don’t have the HMS subscription, then you won’t have access to those settings. Often the hub comes with at least 1 or more months of the HMS subscription, so this is typically long enough for people to go into the settings and change it before they cancel the subscription and lose access.

If that was directly from Wyze within the last 30 days, there is usually 30-day return policy.

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