HMO sensor alignment issue

Hey all I just received my hmo kit and trying to install sensors and have a 3/4 inch mismatch alignment on my door sensors. ( would post a picture if i new how) Anyone else run into this and how did you solve it? otherwise the door sensors are useless? thanks

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I have increased your trust level and you should now be able to post a photo so we can see what you are referring to.



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Thanks for the picture! Hmmm… I wonder if you could shim that magnet higher by putting a thick piece of cardboard or a light wood piece under it…

Anyone else run into a situation like this?

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What about… Move the sensor unit to where the magnet piece is now, face the sensor unit towards the door jam. And place a small piece of magnetic tape in the inside of the door jam adjacent to the sensor unit. It’ll look less “diy” and should work. The door jam looks like it’ll have enought room for the door to open and not hit the tape if it were in place.

Red- sensor unit
Blue- magnetic tape.

Before completely securing the sensor unit, place the tape on the jam then test different distances from the tape that the sensor unit could be because I didn’t my think the tape will be as powerful as the provided sensor magnet.


i will try that and report back. i did notice doing some research that other security vendors/manufacturers provide and add on plastic spacer to shim out the magnet to line up> i am also going to print one up on my printer and see if that works.

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What does the rest of the door frame look like? Which way does the door swing? You could move the sensor to the door and recess a magnet into the frame. Many options but can’t tell enough from the photo.