Wyze Contact Sensor Garage Door Placement?

Tony, I expected by taping the pieces on the door first. Found out the best fit was on the joint. I believe it’s a combination of using a smaller hinge & the small, light weight Wize sensor. Besides that’s close to eye level for battery changes. Thanks again for the idea.

Steven Draksler

Thanks for posting all the ideas, made installing so much easier!


Thank you for the idea. I was able to use Scotch mounting tape to mount the hinge, sensor and the rubber stopper.

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In the settings you can have a notification when opened longer than your specified time (default is 30 min). Haven’t seen a way to have it only notify during certain hours though.

Loved the idea of the “hinge” mount for the garage door!
Just to add another option out there, here’s my take on the 3D printed version:

Files for this mount, along with my other mounts I made for regular doors, can be found here:


I did mine a little differently. My first instinct was to mount the contact sensor on the side of the door, but my bridge was far enough away that it couldn’t receive the ‘closed’ signal. ‘Open’ was no problem once the sending unit cleared the rail, but ‘closed’ was never received because the sending unit was surrounded by metal when it got into that position. It had a metal door on one side and a metal rail on the other.

So – I moved my bridge much closer, and mounted the sensor on TOP of the door using 3M command strips. That was a little tricky because the door top closest to the wall is sloped, but the two parts get plenty close enough. The signal now passes through the outside wall behind the magnet with no issue. :+1:

If it looks a little unusual, that’s because I painted all my sensors Plasti Dip black before I even decided where to use them:

Jealous of te 3d print job… I had to make mine out of a dowel and a paint stick.

In a hurricane area you are not supposed to breach the surface of the hurricane rated door panels.

Be careful.


I used duct tape.

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these are all awesome ideas re: physical location…now, I am looking for help w/ how to get a notification if open after a certain time of day - lets say 9:00 pm…I have a bad habit of leaving my garage door open at night. anyone solved this problem yet?

I used ifttt to setup some conditionals. So if the time is after 8pm and the last state of the garage door is open, trigger some action.

thanks - I haven’t used ifttt - any specifics you can share or can you even share the “recipe”? My whole objective here is to keep this thing simple…


Here’s a post I wrote that offers a couple solutions: Garage door left open notification - #4 by bigbee

Very nice implementation of the strap hinge conact sensor mount. The long arm of a loose strap hinge along with earth’s gravity means reliable operation.
Victor Maletic.

Nice printed implementation of the hinge mounted contact sensor.
Victor Maletic.


I had been using @AaronR print for the last 9 months or so and had a few people reach out to me to print it for them. I asked for Aarons permission which he recently responded and gave it to me. After printing 1 I was a little inspired so I designed my own…

there is a link to the thingivers file and to my Etsy shop in the description of the video for anyone that wants one if you have a printer or not.


Nice job on the redesign! I like it!

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Does it work good on the hinge considering its one print not two parts?

yeah it swings really nicely and it is very strong considering that it doesn’t have to be forced together like it would be if it was printed in two pieces. At the very beginning of my video you can see it swinging as the garage door goes up and down. Also at about 1:30 in the video you can se it swing pretty effortlessly.

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