Wyze sensor status errors and wyze bridge light orange?

i have several weird things going on.

  1. on the main app screen, my garage door sensor reports closed. but when you tap into it, it says open, i know for a fact its closed

  1. when i click in the garage door sensor and then tap on the gear icon then notifications, i have opened and closed checked off but it only shows opened in the previous screen (or see above second image)

  1. i also try to select Is Left Open and there is a check mark, i go back out one screen then immediately come back in and that checkmark is GONE.

  2. yesterday i think i had a power outage or a glitch so all my clocks were blinking. when i checked my wyze bridge the light on the back is usually blue but its orange. does it mean its not communicating with something?

Yes It only shows how long it was open on that screen .
The check marks Are only For it to send you notifications

Check out the guides

For this try a power restart on the camera with the bridge on it .
Light must be solid blue for it to function properly

ok thanks. i still don’t know why its reporting as closed on the main screen but when i tap into it it says its open

ok when i unplugged the wyze pan cam the bridge was still orange so i also removed the bridge and plugged it back in and now its blue.

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