Contact Sensors ALL OFFLINE

all of my contact sensors are off line but the motion sensor is working. i have unplugged and reset everything including the router. all 6 went out at the same time and they all have good signal and batteries. what to do now?


Have you replaced the batteries on the contact sensors recently?
Have you tried deleting the sensors and reinstalling them, what happens when you try this?

the batteries must be good; they couldn’t all have gone off line at once. i was saving a delete as a last effort since it’s the most time consuming of all resolutions. besides, something happened to cause this and it needs to be identified.

Try deleting one and see how it works.

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I’ve had the same thing happen but it’s always the sensors and motion sensors. I moved the bridge to my pan cam and have had no problems since then distance is about the same from my v2 I did delete and setup fresh

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Same issue. All contact sensors showing as offline. Replaced the batteries and tried power cycling the cam and bridge with no luck. Light still flashes on the sensor when opening and closing the door.

how long has this been?

Was this tied to the devices disappearance issue I saw mention of earlier?

If not, when my sensors go offline (happens about once a week) I just restart the camera and give it 5 minutes.

I would be very reluctant to remove those batteries, I had four contact sensors fail one after the other simply by removing the battery and replacing immediately. No static, swapped out within seconds, press the reset button and five flashes of death (known issue that is reportedly the result of the loss of the MAC address, rendering the sensor unable to pair to the bridge.

I know you can possibly reflash, but since mine were under warranty, and Wyze had replacements, I didn’t try.

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Mine just so happened to go off line last night I just pulled the bridge and plug it back in everything was back to working


that worked for me!