Sensor keeps going offline

What’s the best way to fix a Wyze Sense door sensor that keeps going offline? This is a once a day thing it seems. The only way to get it to come back that I know if so far is to remove the Sense bridge from the camera and re-insert it. But I don’t want to be doing this on a daily basis. What else should I do? Not sure why this particular sensor is doing this all of a sudden lately. The battery level is showing normal. The signal strength is on the lowest bar though. But this makes no sense to me as it’s closer in proximity to my wifi router than even my upstairs camera is which is getting good signal strength.

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What is in-between the sensor and the bridge? It may be closest, but if it has a lot of walls and pipes etc then there is alot of interference.

I have daily camera restarts via rules. Helps with keeping sensors online and cameras refreshed.


Is it on a metal door?


I had a sensor that was on a metal door, within line of sight and pretty edge on of the same plane as the door when shut. When the door was closed and the sensor closed it worked, but when I opened the door, the main sensor part was now behind the door and just the one metal door was enough to block the signal.


I had a similar situation with a bridge that was on the backside of my house. The contact sensor was in the garage surrounded by the metal of my garage door rail. My solution was to move the garage door sensor to the upper middle of the door, and the bridge to a cam at the front of the house. Metal is not your friend, either near, nor between RF sources.


It’s an open floor plan. Nothing really between the sense bridge and the door sensor in question

Yes it is. But the other sensor is too and I don’t have an issue with it.

Try comparing signal strengths with your phone (15 seconds in same location).
What about Iot (Internet of Things) in same area or in path of signal.

Wyze will be releasing a new sensors that are more reliable. More info in their press release.

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Yes. This too.

Personally, my sensors will work great for a month. Then they would be awful for a few days. Then back to normal. It happens regularly.

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Has anyone just tried replacing the battery? Had one of two start to disconnect everyday until it finally stopped working. Turns out it was just the battery. Nothing in line of site and 5ft, the other one about 10-15 with a few walls in-between and still going strong since I bought them.

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I am going to try that next on my days off. I think it very well could be a battery issue as the red blinking light will sometimes flash, but lots of times it stops flashing. Makes me think the battery might be about kaput.

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In my situation, yes. I also contacted Wyze and they replaced one of my sensors.

Yes is going out, that’s exactly how mine acted until it was completely dead.

Since they’re not going to do anything to fix this, would be nice if we could restart the bridge remotely

I feel your pain with Wyze Sense. It’s a complete joke. They are currently working perfectly since 9/3/20. This is the second longest they have ever worked without issue. I’ve decided to just stop updating firmware for my Wyze devices as long as everything is working until I can replace the sensors with another companies product.

I believe that the Wyze Sense communicates with the Bridge on-way and only when it detects a status change (opened or closed). So what happens when the cam+bridge power cycle, restart or new firmware is loaded? If the bridge is storing the last sense status in non-volatile memory, it would come back up showing the sense state that existed before the restart. But I doubt they are using non-volatile memory so the bridge comes up with no-status for each sense and the app shows them all ‘off-line’ until someone opens or closes each sense. Not a great system for remote, unoccupied sites.
I also noticed that the latest firmware apparently reports all sense and motion as "closed’ when the bridge restarts. I believe they have done this just to shut us up and this state is not necessarily accurate as the sense may be ‘open’ or ‘off-line’.
They could resolve this, at the risk of lowering battery life, by having the sense or motion ‘periodically report’, say once every 3 hours or every 24 hours if needed to preserve battery.

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I agree that something is off with latest firmware,I had sense sensors since start of company…all great.
after firmware some sensors doesn’t show… maybe battery…didnt connect back…went to buy new ones and surprise!!! all sense is “out of stock” maybe they kill the product we love…