Wyze sensor keep going into offline

Hi all,

I received my wyze sense last week and installed it. Intermittently the sensor went into “offline” mode - probably due to changes in wifi signal or other factor which un-explainable.

Has anybody experienced this? I felt frustrated with this. Internet connection seems fine in my residence.

I have to re-fresh (take out the bridge and re-insert it in they cam) to make it online/working again. It will be frustrated if you are out of town/country and you won’t be able to do this “re-fresh” step

Please advise?



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I had similar issue. My problem was weak signal…I moved my wireless router after checking ALL CONNECTIONS, Then rebooted modem. Router then phone.
Boom perfect…

I’m having the same problem now. I’ll be troubleshooting tonight. I’ll let you know what I find.

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