Motion and Contact Sensors

These devices are offline again. Just like last week, believe it was.

Mine have been working fine all day and this evening so far. Last week the problem was a long delay, like a half hour…I had that problem. You may want to try rebooting the camera that has the bridge. Or if that doesn’t work, hard reboot the camera by unplugging the power/replugging the power and give it a couple minutes to see if the sensors come back online.

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What model camera Is the bridge connected to? I had one of my 2 bridges in a Pan Cam for months and had constant connection problems with contact sensors. Ever since I moved the bridge to one of my V2 Cams I’ve had zero connection issues. No problems at all for at least 3 months now.

I have been having a intermittent problem with mine going offline too. I have to manually power cycle the host camera (making sure residual power us drained) and then the sensors are fine for a while. restarting in the app won’t work. it seems to be a hiccup in the firmware i’m guessing, in this state I can see the bridge in app but cannot even add sensors, even though the bridge light is solid blue.

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Check the batteries in the sensors they could be dying.
Try unplugging and replugging the bridge from the cam…wait till it turns blue then try again.

Might’ve been working fine all day. And I just installed a new one and it’s working fine too. I have two motion sensors and 3 sense All working correctly