Sensor’s keep disconnecting

I need a solution for this. Every week or 2, my contact sensor’s and motion sensors all disconnect. And dont work. I check my bridge and it goes solid yellow. After i unplug wyze from power. Unplug bridge from cam. Plug back cam. Let it go blue. Then plug in Bridge. only then it will go solid blue.

Why do i have to reset the bridge every week or 2? Anyone else having this issue? Do i have a faulty bridge?

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That’s a new one on me. You might delete the Camera completely from the app and re-add it and see if that helps. That’s one troubleshooting idea.Do you have it on a V2 or a cam pan? Let’s also bring some mavens in here that might be able to help out.


I suggest next time that happens, restart your router

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I would suggest that you try moving the bridge to another cam if you can and see if the problem continues. If not you have an answer.
If bridge position relative to your sensors is a problem you might have to swap cams and bridges.
Keep us posted-I’d like to know the solution to this one.

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Thanks @HDRock and @tomp. Knew you’d have ides.

This kinda sounds like a possible power issue, @paindonthurt asked the question im wondering about. what camera do you have this in. allow me to explain, sadly the pan cam power supply wasn’t made with powering the bridge as well in mind. if you happen to have the bride plugged into a pan cam and using the stock power supply that the pan cam came with, more than likely the signal from the bridge is weak. however if you have this in a V2 camera though…there are a few other possibilities.

I had the same problem, and yes, it was with the cam pan camera only.
I switched it to the V2 cam with out issues

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All my caneras are V2’s.

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Ok i’ll try to reboot my router next time it happens or move it to another canera.

Does the bridge have to be connected to the back of a wyze cam? Or can i plug it into and usb power adapter?

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it has to be connected to a camera. plugging it in to a power adapter will most likely fry the bridge and brick it. do not do it. :pleading_face: :raised_hands:

the camera is it’s communication to the internet and thus the Wyze servers and your phone. without the camera, no communication.

keep us updated with trying to reboot the router.


If you find a solution let me know. My sensors never stay online yet my 12 cameras, 4 plugs and 12 bulbs all stay online. Very frustrating. I wanted to buy more but can’t if they cannot serve the purpose for which they were made.

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@mbrindle - I read this elsewhere and tried it to see and it seems to have worked for me. I set up my two cams with bridges to Power Cycle - not restart thru the app - automatically late at night every night. I use an off-20 second delay- on again routine and I haven’t had any problems with them dropping offline since.

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How do you do just 20 seconds between off and back on?

Here’s where I go outside the Wyze world. I have and use Wyze plugs but they won’t do this that I know of. You might be able to do it thru Alexa our IFTTT but I use Gosund plugs which are programmable for this type of thing. Wyze plugs are great but I started first with Gosund and knew they could do this.

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That’s NOT a good suggestion : / Especially if all other devices on the network are running without issue.

That’s the same mentality of Windows users … if it doesn’t work, reboot the Windows computer.

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ever since that last reboot 11 days ago, has not happened since

if it happens again, my next step is to move bridge to a diff camera

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I am having the same issue. The cam/bridge and sensor are currently in a garage and I notice the cam and bridge are warm to the touch.
I have v2 (I have tried with another v2 and a cam pan and have experienced similar issues).
I have noticed that restarting the cam occasionally fixes it and have set it to restart each night in the wyze app. That is obviously a clunky workaround, and now even that seems to no longer be resulting in a steady connection
Haven’t tried to the router reset, or long full power off using a smart plug.
But now I’m starting to worry about hardware failure? Bridge or cam or both?
Other troubleshooting suggestions?

Excellent solution to a known shortcoming of the sensors that has not been addressed by Wyze to date

I agree, this is beyond frustrating. I have had multiple sensors stop working. After contacting WYZE, their solution was for ME to purchase the v2 sensors and also told me to purchase the home monitoring service.

I find it unacceptable that their solution for poorly designed sensors is for the customers to purchase more products and services. NOPE!

I really wanted to like Wyze products. For the price, I was willing to tolerate some bugs, which I will agree that Wyze was quick to address. But I cannot support a company that will not stand behind its products.