Wyze Sense Goes Offline All the Time

I have the Bridge on a V2 P&T. Have brand new batteries in Contacts. Have them sitting in the same room less than 4 feet from the Bridge. Works for a few days and then “Offline” Bridge indicator tends to switch to Yellow, but has been Blue as well when this occurred. Restart does not work. Have to pull power, remove Bridge, restore power, boot Cam all the way. Insert Bridge and devices come back. Random lengths of time before they go offline. Once lasted almost two weeks, but usually a day or two. My network is fine, no issues there.

Can you confirm if its it a pan or a v2? There isn’t a “v2 pan”. I am guessing it’s a pan that you have, Do you have a v2 to put the bridge in? The pan sometimes uses to much power and doesn’t leave much or enough for the bridge causing issues. If you don’t, you may think about reducing the load (disable ir lights, don’t use the pan feature of the pancam) so the bridge has enough juice to stay working without error.

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Pan & Tilt, have tried on both, but is on Pan & Tilt