Wyze Bridge Disconnects Non Stop

Cool …lets see…

Also I read but never try it myself, if u can get a long USB cord extender u can plug it into the V2 and the other end to the bridge run it as close as u can to the sensors associated with that Bridge. This should increase the signal strength to the sensors.

Hope u didn’t get offended by my …lol in my post to u.

If u bring this up with Wyze they indeed might send u a free V2 cam. Use it close to your pan with the Bridge installed but turn of motion detect.

All in all …Good luck Sir !
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So its been working for a few days now (although it did before too). However 2 of my bulbs of the 4 randomly just sort of stopped working… I had to remove them and re add them… Ive been using wyze since the very beginning… I love their products, cost etc, but man id like a little less buggy software :slight_smile:

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I’m doing a test with my week old bridge and sensor kit on a v2 i pulled from outside. I’ve had disconnects at the hottest part of the day, everyday. So i moved it inside and used a shorter power cord and a 2.4 amp power brick. Hopefully this will fix my Bridge from going yellow between 2pm and 6pm. Im also leaving the v2 cam off just to see if that helps. Ill be more then happy to order another V2 cam just to run all the sensors. I’m just wounding how many people like me was trying the bridge in a V2 outside in a enclosure with a 24 foot cord and the wyze power brick. Yes it was mounted under the eve but the sun was directly on it from 2-6.

I have a V2 outside in an encloser under the eve with a 12 feet USB with the factory brick …with seldom reboots needed.

Maybe try using a AC extention cord to the cam affected with a shorter USB cable to test …?

Come to find out with bridge plugged into the v2 cam it temps go up to 107° or higher. It’s only stable for about an hour at this temp. Higher output power brick, different V2 camera or shorter cable does nothing. The only thing that seems to be working is a foot long USB extension cable from the cam to the bridge so the heat from the camera doesn’t heat up the bridge. In doing this the bridge temp gets no higher then 85.5° and I haven’t had the first drop out. I’ve checked and all my V2 temps are about the same temperature. Pictures taken of the V2 in a 73° room thats been going for 24 hours with the USB extension to the bridge. So it looks like the camera heat was making the bridge over temp and disconnect all the Sensors. I even had the bridge report a dead battery on one of my contact Sensor that completely went away after doing this setup. Keep in mind I’ve only had the sensor starter kit for about two weeks and this is the longest it’s gone without a gitch. Everything factory but the USB extension.
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That is good info thanks for posting back !
Bookmark for later reference if I/we need it…

Also, keep us posted on its long term usage …may it work long for you Sir.

Had a big Goofup. I turned off the V2 Cam in the wyze app that I have my bridge connected to. I was hoping that the bridge would still work but apparently not. So after I turned it back on I had two motion sensors that would not change from detecting motion to clear even after unplugged and plugging in the bridge and cam different ways. Hours later I had to remove the two affected sensors from the app and take the batteries out. I added them back and all is good again. Nice to know the cloud remembers that the sensors was once on the my wyze network before, even after I changed the name of the sensors afterwards. I guess via Mac address or something so all the rules from before the removal still works. So long story short that was two days ago and I haven’t had any issues since. I’ll keep posting any hiccups I might have.