Wyze bridge

Has anyone else had problems with things connected to the wyze bridge, IE 1 sensor and 1 motion detector, going offline despite the bridge showing as being connected. The only way to reconnect the 2 items is to completely delete them from my app and set them up again like they just came out of the box. This is the second time i’ve had to do this since receiving them. I don’t have an order number for customer service as my boss bought 2 kits, decided he only needed 1, so I bought it from him (in case you ask for order number, since customer service often reads these)

Thank you for your time and tips

A less drastic solution that often works for me is to physically remove power from the camera that has the bridge, wait for 10 seconds, plug the camera back in and wait 5-10 minutes. Usually everything correctly comes back.

Why it happens in the first place is a mystery.


rbruce - Thank you sir. I will try that when I get home tomorrow and see if that works.

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