Sensors stopped working about 330am EST

I noticed all of my sensors stopped responding early this morning. The bridge is solid blue and I’ve rebooted everything but no change in statuses.

I have a feeling something is down.

I have been reporting this situation since the new Beta release last week.

This is happening daily for me. I have to pull the Bridge and reset the host camera. One day I had to do this 3x before the Sensors began responding again.

I just checked,my Sensors are not responding again. Really getting tired of resetting this every day. I have to readjust my V2 afterwards to reframe it.

I had the same issue, rebooting the camera hosting the extender did not resolve, but removing power from the camera, removing the bridge and reseeding the bridge in the camera resolved this issue for me.

This was only for the contact sensors, I did not experience loss of connection with my motion sensors.

To bring the sensors back online I…
Pulled the bridge
Powering off the camera.
Powered camera back up and waited for it to go solid blue
Plugged the bridge back in and waited for it to go solid blue
Sensors restored.

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Yes, @sechax0r we know this. My issue is I should not need to do this every day since last Friday.

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