Sensors offline, even with solid blue on bridge

I have the bridge in a v2; all lights are solid blue and seem good to go, but…

I have a motion sensor and a contact sensor that were previously setup just fine and functioning greatly, then they stopped… the sensors show offline and I can’t get them back.

all typical things done and I’ve read all the tricks and such, but nothing is working. VERY frustrated!

any help is appreciated.

I am in the same boat. My contact sensor and motion sensor were fine the other day and now both are offline. they have been working for over a year in their current location. Battery and signal was fine.
Delete, re-add, reset, remove bridge etc. Nothing has worked. After losing a few of my contact sensors to the battery issue this is disappointing.

I too am looking for some ideas.

I’m getting the same problem. I believe that it’s an issue with the bridge and not he devices. After restarting the camera (via the app) or unplugging and replugging in the bridge the devices work once again. It should be noted that not all the devices connected to that bridge loose communication, so it’s a bit of a strange error.

If there’s no direct fix for the bridge dropping devices randomly, the question to Wyze is:
Can an option be inserted into the camera settings to have it restart at a certain time?

A month of this question and continuing problem with no response from the company… I’m losing faith with Wyze and the products. I just want the things to work the way they are supposed to work and the way they originally did work before update or whatever killed them.

The support items online for this situation do not work.

Having same issue - Hasn’t seen the door sensors work since Dec. 29th, 2020. I have tried upgrading firmware for both camera (pan) as well as the bridge. Both upgraded fine. I only get solid blue light on the bridge, but still doesn’t seem to see the door sensor (located about 10 ft away btw and both are within 10 ft. of wireless network).

Tried force quitting the app, same thing… no joy…

Battery is fine also. Any other ideas I can try?

Have you tried unplugging the bridge and reseating it. Essentially power cycling the bridge is what helped me. This can also be accomplished by restarting the camera that the bridge is connected to.
The dropped device is back online after a minute, but you have to refresh the list.

I agree that there is a problem as at least two devices drop off every week.

I would suggest to reboot your router. Did work for me.


I can only assume that this isn’t a big enough problem for Wyze to address and keep me as a customer going forward…

I had this issue in the past, what I did was unplug the Bridge from the camera and unplug the camera. waited for about 1 minute. Then I plugged the camera in and waited for it to connect. after I confirmed it was working, I plugged the bridge in and waited for it to turn blue. after that, it all started working. Please note: I am also running the beta software and FW.

In addition, I actually use a USB Extender to move the bridge away from the camera. Once I did that, my distance for the sensors got better. So, if you are connected directly to the camera. you may benefit by putting a USB extender in and connecting the Bridge to it.

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Thanks, but I’ve tried all that “basic” stuff with the restarts, different sequences of hooking back up, reboots, updates, locations, etc… none work.

I haven’t tried the extender though, but will.

Plus, I suggest a power supply with a higher amperage rating.


I purchased this one:

However, I am not using it as mine Wyze Sense has been working well.