No longer getting notifications on my Android devices - IOS is fine

I noticed today that I’m no longer receiving motion detection notifications on my Android phone and tablet. My iPad does get them. I happened to have both my iPad and my Android phone next to each other on my desk. Every time a motion occurred, I got notified on my iPad, but not on my phone.

Also, on my android phone, the navigation arrows on the app (going to camera settings, etc) take multiple taps (I’m talking 20-25 taps) to get an action. It seems like it’s a timing thing - after a minute or so, the tap works, On my iPad, I have no issue with the tap. Every other app on my phone has no issue with taps.

I hope nobody tells me “it’s your network”.

I saw a complaint about the navigation arrows on the discord server earlier, seems like android is having issues lately. Are you on android 10 or 11? I think there were some other issues with those versions. Thanks!

I have both ios 15.5 and android 12 here and all have notifications. Could you please verify both app version for me? Today we just release the latest 2.32 on both platforms just FYI.


android 11 - wyze app 2.31.0 (145)

The latest one on googleplay should be 2.32 (154) now. Could you please try update it first and see if notifications work? Thanks!

Went to Play Store. Searched for Wyze App. Results said: Last Updated May 18, 2022.

There is no “Update” button displayed, only an “Open” button, which would indicate I have the latest update, according to the Play Store.

I see. Looks like since it just get released. It will take sometime for playstore to offically update it. Please wait just a bit and you should receive that notice very soon.