Notifications Inconsistency

One day notifications will work, the next day they don’t even though I haven’t changed anything. I have made sure notifications are permitted on the settings on my phone as well as in the app. I don’t have any rules set up - I want to get a notification any time there is activity in my driveway. What am I doing wrong?

What version of the app and firmware are you running? In addition, are you Android or iOS?

I am running an Android device with the beta version of the app: 2.17.31 and the latest Beta firmware for the camera’s. My experience has been great so far. My V2 camera is alerting as expected. My V3 alerts but not as frequently. At times, the alert will appear in the events tab as a person (correctly), but I did not get a notification. I have reported this recently.

If you are using Android and your phone goes to sleep or is not used for a period of time and not on a charger, notifications are delayed due to the Doze issue with Android. Before anyone get on and starts a debate, yes Wyze should be able to correct this as other have seem to be able to get around it. But it is an issue with Android and Doze. The temporary solution for this is to run the ADB command to disable doze mode. If the phone is on a charger or is being used, Doze is not an issue.

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I am using V2.17.21. My firmware is up to date for the camera and base. My phone is running iOS 14.4.

Firmware up to date as in which version? I went back to firmware cam and base 2 weeks ago and I get notifications all day long from 4 outdoor cams… I know they have had a new up date for the base today but I am not gong to try it for a few weeks. The previous update for both cam and base had to many issues so they stopped the ability to download it the other day. I am sticking with what works for now. Just my experience…

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