Android notifications not instant like iOS notifications

I regularly receive my Wyze Cam notifications minutes after the event on my Note 8, but my wife in the same room receives them immediately on her iPhone. This has been going on for a while now.

Why does she receive timely notifications while I do not? We’re both connected to our wifi and receive service through Verizon.


check in android settings for battery optimization & make sure the app is set to “don’t optimize” that should help. Although better, when my screen is off, notifications are still sometimes delayed, I think it’s a Android issue, not Wyze app


I like that idea. I have turned off the ability for Wyze to optimize battery usage.

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It’s weird I only noticed this issue recently. I had to go through a number of steps but turning off battery optimization specifically for wyze. When I turned off adaptive battery through the main setting it worked. I’ll test to see if just turning off battery optimization for wyze will work.

Edit: turning off just battery optimization individually did not work for me. I have to turn off adaptive battery completely as well for the push notifications to work.

Edit: actually mine doesn’t seem to be working if my screen is off still… That’s odd.

Still having issues even after optimize battery usage turned off. I had a notification come in 17 minutes late yesterday. Still not having this problem with my Blink camera systems.

I just turned off Adaptive Power Saving, will see where this gets me.

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Yeah, same here. It’s typically only when the screen is off. I don’t have any other cameras to test

FYI, i’m having the same delay on notifications. My phone is an Android also, Pixel 2XL. I have already turned off battery optimization, and Adaptive Power Saving, etc…

I have been having the same problem for months now.
It is definitely an Android issue. I have two android phones one with AOS 8.1 and another with 8.0. Notifications on both of these devices can take longer than 30 minutes to get through. I have disable the battery optimisation and allowed for background data use and that didn’t help. I cleared the system cache, and that helped for a little while.

It makes the the notifications from the Wyze sensors mostly useless. The delay only occurs when my phone isn’t moving, as it is caused by the phone going to sleep when it is not moving or being jostled. I receive the notifications in a timely manner when I have the phone in my pocket.

I also have a Android tablet AOS 7.0 that receives the notifications right away :thinking:

I have been digging around the internet trying to find a fix, but nothing yet. Someday maybe Android will create a fix, but I’m not holding my breath. . . . See also:

There is also an app in the play store called Push Notifications Fixer, that has helped some Wyze users, but it didn’t work for my Moto phones.

If anyone finds a soulution please let us know! :worried:

Thanks :slight_smile:

This fixed the issue for me…read comments from the past week or so