Did Wyze Fix Android Delayed Notification

I have (1) V2, (1)v3 and (2) tilt-pan and use a Samsung A10e android phone. I’ve notices within the last 2 - 3 weeks it feels like the notification have become much quicker. I recall initially these would be over a minute then with some tinkering and the lingering notification update it would be better. say within a minute. It appears the notifications are coming in much quicker.

Has anyone else experienced this, or is it just in my head.

Yes, it appears they have. It seemed to be corrected awhile back. You should be getting notified in less than 15 seconds on average. They are working on making this faster.

I get notified normally within 10 seconds of something happening.

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Maybe? It seems to come and go. Often within a few seconds but sometimes separated by minutes. I tweaked all the power settings for Wyze.