Another Android Notification Latency issue

I have read all of the past android/ios notification push latency problems post here till my eyeballs bled :smiley:

and after performing all of the suggested tweaks i still have a major problem when my phone is locked (screen off) of it taking 6min -10min of receiving the push notifications. but get them immediately when the screen comes on. i have several other push nots that come thru with 0 to minimal delays, email etc.
the only tweak i have not performed is using the adb command line , this is because my phone is not rooted.

I also set up several IFTTT alerts and they also fall pray to the delays.
Has there been any other advancements made with this regards?



Do you happen to have a pixel on Android 10? I have that issue intermittently on my pixel 3a. I don’t think it just affects pixels but I remember someone else having the same issue with a pixel.

No to the Pixel. I have a Redmi Note 5 running 9.

Same exact issue here for months on a Samsung S10.

im running android on a V30 and since whitelisting Wyze from the battery “optimization” I have not had this issue.

it might have something to with the custom skin samsung puts on all of their phones. maybe they run a different “optimizer/ battery saver” on top of what android already does or something like that. I have talked with programmers while helping test apps that hated writing for samsung just because you have to be that much more specific in some ways.

it seems pretty common on samsung, havent heard AS much on the extent of pixel though.

Everything has been white listed about 100 times lol. All other notifications come in correctly too from Blink, Nest, etc. Only Wyze.

have you tried other apps to whitelist Wyze specifically? ( not sure if they make that or not) maybe theres something in the Wyze app that is preventing the native stuff from working correctly