Wyze Beta Android 1.3.107 feedback


I just installed Wyze Beta Android 1.3.107.

I’m running it on an LG X POWER Android 6.0.1

First, great job Devs! Love the Beta.

Fixed - Push Notifications are now working for me. Albeit delayed. Used to be 7-8 seconds


  1. Long delay in receiving Push Notifications. After 3 triggers, the delay was measured at (35, 50 and 38 seconds). However, I did notice that each time I walked into frame to trigger an alert, the video of the event appeared for viewing in just about 2-3 seconds (before I could turn around and walk out). Sure would be great if the push notes could appear at the same time as the videos.
2) Upon playing back any video for 2nd time. the App crashes and disappears.

Keep up the great work.


Rob B.

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. I would like some additional information on these issues:

1.Have you been noticing any sort of delay or lag time in your live feed?

2.Where are you playing these videos from (is it an alert video)? What system are you running this on, iOS or Android? What OS version is this running?



In answer to your questions,

  1. Yes, I have noticed a breakup of the live feed, specifically as a person walks through the frame, the still background remains perfect but the persons body is broken up as they move through the frame.

  2. Yes, this is playing the videos back from within the Wyzecam app.
    Device: LG X POWER smartphone Octacore CPU. Android 6.0.1


If I may… I have 2 questions

  1. Are you guys working on an Outdoor camera version and if so, what’s the projected time to release?

  2. Many security cams are easily hackable. Have you taken any steps to prevent hacking?
    I hope you looked for… No debugging code backdoors left in the firmware. Default hard coded passwords that can be used by botnets.

Love your product, keep up the great work.

Thank you for that information, I will make sure it reaches the Dev Team.

You can always ask questions!

  1. We are taking it under consideration but at this time we do not currently have any time table for an outdoor camera.
  2. We do take security very seriously, currently the only way to connect through the camera is via the app, even if you have access to the same network. The feed also uses 128-bit encryption, with every camera having its own key. So long as nothing is effecting the device your app is on and you do not share your log in information no one should be able to see your feed without you knowing!
Let me know if you have any additional questions!