Super long lag, notifications android

New user, 1 week. Notifications started at around 30 seconds. Getting longer every day. Today it was 3 hours to the minute before notification came through. I’ve checked other posts on lag. Anything I should try? Cam is 4 feet from router.

Update: just had a fast notification, 7 minutes.

I have noticed I get notifications about 15 seconds after an event starts. My father up in Maine gets notifications that are much more more laggy. His run about 15 minutes sometimes. So I wonder if it depends on your network provider? When I am on the same WiFi network as the camera they are pretty snappy.

But a 3 hour delay other than during a service outage like yesterday is pretty far outside my experience. I am guessing you have done the normal troubleshooting of power cycling the camera and your router?

Yes, tried power cycle

I thought you might have, hmm don’t have any immediate suggestions for you to try but I would suggest opening a ticket with support for sure.

Thanks for the support link. I will monitor notifications for a few day and see what happens before opening ticket.

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You are very welcome, I hope everything works out. Sorry you are experiencing the situation to begin with.

This may be an issue with your phone, what OS? Edit: nvm. Which Android version? Android 9 introduces new alrorithms for apps and putting them to sleep. It may be that the phone is suppressing notifications from the wyze app…

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8.0 Notifications did not start out very slow.

I uninstalled app, restarted phone and re-downloaded and installed app. This seems to have cleared my issue.


That’s good news! Glad it has been resolved for you!

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