Delayed Push

I just purchased the cam v3 updated to latest firmware, seems to take a while to get the notifications?

Welcome to the forums! How long is awhile? Depending on the delay, it could be a few things. The normal delay for cloud event notifications is 12 to 15ish seconds. If you delay is into the minutes or until you unlock your screen of your Android device that could be “Android doze”, which has been talked about at length in the forums here.


I does not show up till I unlock the screen and scroll to the page that has the wyze app then I see it come up and ding. Is there a way around Android doze?

I don’t know if there is a true work around (I think that may involve some programming dev work), but there are ways to minimize it. Check the forum for adb command I believe it’s called or battery optimization setting for the app. That should get ya started. I’ll link some posts here later but I am a little short on time now.

Welcome @Robselvey!

FYI those screenshots are for the settings that do NOT require ADB settings after every boot to disable sleep mode. I haven’t tried the latter. Not sure if anything has changed for me. Notifications are timely sometimes but other times not.