Notification Delays

Wondering if others are receiving g delayed notifications? Lately mine are delayed 15 - 20 mins.

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Yes I receive notifications late as well I already ask about it…refer to this link

I noticed a lag yesterday

Mines lag about 2-3min not bad

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Depends on who’s holding the gun :gun:


My cams were running GREAT until several days ago, now notifications are delayed seemingly random amounts but usually long enough to make notifications useless.

When I say things were GREAT I mean my notifications were coming within a couple of seconds of events happening. I was very happy about this because it gives me the chance to know when I get a package delivery.

Something must be going on with the notification servers? I signed up to the forum to be able to respond to this post.

Yup, same here, used to be pretty quick but not now

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Are you guys using on iPhone or Android? If Android what is your phone software version?

Tried on Samsung phone with Android 8 and on a Samsung Tablet with Android 9.

Something else I noticed is that the thumbnails in the notifications don’t always show up now! An event will be recorded, I get the notification (late) but sometimes the thumbnail is missing! I also had the thumbnails before for every event. It’s like the notification servers are randomly dropping thumbnails now.

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I have Pixel 2 (Android 10) and notifications are horrible late like one or half an hour but the thumbnails are ok. Have you try to turn off doze mode on your phones? If not try it that might work but for me no luck

Long ago I changed my android settings to not let the wyze app go into power saving mode and it was working fine like that until few days ago.

I am also experiencing delays from several minutes up to a couple of HOURS! It seems like sometimes my phone holds delays until I open the phone and use it, then the notifications will come at once. Why is this?

I have to manually refresh the camera and sensor event screens to see the thumbnails. Not good. No background refresh? Manual refresh is worthy of a pet camera, not security camera.

I have an Android Pixel 4 and an iPhone which I have been testing as I also am having delayed notifications. The iPhone works as expected. The Android Phone is another story. If the phone is on a charger or is being used / unlocked, I do get notifications relatively quickly. On par with the iPhone. However, when the phone goes into an idle / locked state and remains that way for a period of time without activity notifications seem to be delayed from 5 minutes to in excess of an hours. This is not a good thing. If the phone is on a charger and idle/locked notifications do seem to come in. I should also note that this issue does not happen with the Eufy or Arlo camera’s, but does happen with other apps on the phone. In researching, I found that this is potentially do to the Doze mode - you can research it to see what that is. But, Pixel has removed the option to turn that off, which I am not sure why. I opened a ticket with Wyze to see what can be done. There are some coding options which could be implemented, hopefully they will handle it. I also found this link which explains what you can do to ensure you get timely notifications (I have not done this as I did not want a hack, I want it corrected): 2019 FIX Android Delayed Notifications when phone is idle (NO root needed!) - YouTube

I also read that turning off Battery optimization will help with notifications. I turned it off for the Wyze App. but no real change as this setting does not affect the Doze option.

I am still testing and trying to figure out what can be done.

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